What do you get when you scramble TEA PARTY?

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That’s a good question.  What do you get when you scramble the letters in TEA PARTY?  You get:  “Yep a Tart”  Isn’t that amazing?  I wonder who actually thought of that name for such a prestigious group of folks. 

     In February 2009, it is said that a small group of people began having tea parties across the United States in trying to protest the policies of Barack Obama.  Collectively, Republicans and Independents formed the Tea Party.  Let’s put a couple of pieces of information together.  The inauguration of Barack Obama took place on January 20, 2009.  That event set an attendance record for any event held in Washington, D.C.  As we know, Barack Obama became our 44th President.  In numerology, when we add the 44 together (4+4), we get 8.  Do we not look at the “8” as a crazy number?  Most likely, as fate would have it, whoever would have been the 44th President – was doomed to face multitudes of adversity.  And, being black definitely made the number 8 even more damaging.  So, there is a landslide win over two white Presidential candidates (McCain-Palin).  This type of thing was never supposed to manifest.  Was it?  Was this all a setup, based on all the adversity this 44th President was facing?  Even though his campaign was about “CHANGE,” it was change enough that he coud take the office.  Then, give or take a week or so, a group is formed to organize how to make this President fail miserably.  And, it appeared that one after another, members of his staff mysteriously either felt the need to retire from their Democratic office or felt the need to pursue their lifelong dreams – like becoming a medical correspondent for CNN News.

     Barack Obama did campaign for CHANGE.  He made have not focused on the correct immediate issue:  Jobs, but he did try to tackle something that would eventually become so dire to Americans until it would be overshadowed by lies and hate.   Healthcare.  Everybody needs healthcare – but the protests against healthcare was fueled by costs, who was going to pay for it and being told that everyone had to have it.  For no other reason to jump ship than fear, Democrats began to turn viciously against their own President.  The Tea Party began picking up momentum as more and more Americans started losing their jobs and their homes due to a previous eight-year reign of terror. 

     As eloquent and elegant a speaker President Obama is, he is not one to immediately point the blame to anyone about not being able to succeed at something.  Had President Obama come out slinging the mishaps of exorbitant spending of the Bush Administration, maybe the Tea Party would have been stifled before they could gas up.   Can we constantly bring up 9/11 and the war with Iraq?  Isn’t this when the government started to invest in a fight – a cause – that we would and could never win?  Didn’t the government realize that going into Iraq was a mistake.  It almost sounds as if it was a diversion from a more serious American matter.  But, Barack persevered, in hopes that even members of his own failing party would wise up and step up.  Race definitely plays a factor for anything President Obama initiates.  Though Americans can see the potential benefit, the only ones parading a different change is the opposing party, Republicans.  As Bush had at least one shoe thrown at him overseas, never has such an incident taken place in his own country.  Yet, racism comes close to bitch-slapping President Obama every day he is in office.  From Carl Palladino and his emails depicting the President as a monkey, ape, or gorilla, or other now-famed instances when the “n-word” has been paraded around freely.  Still, the congenial speaker keeps his vision of CHANGE.  Then, to show that the going has gotten tough, other members of the Democratic Party have been brought up on ethics violations – by an Ethics Committee.  Coincidence?  Is this the perfect way to diminish the Democrats?  And the majority of the leaders under investigation are black. 

     Not very much else is needed to know about the Tea Party.  Just knowing that the Tea Party was created to protest any and everything about Barack Obama is enough to be skeptical of them.  That is, unless, you are one who did not vote for him for obvious reasons.  To try to claim that the Tea Party isn’t just about race and that there are people of color in the party, what active role do those ‘colored’ members serve?  It is apparent that their membership is just for show – just as it was for Michael Steele, the first black leader of the Republican Party.  His entire promise was to go after Barack Obama…to bring him down.  Maybe, now we know who is in charge of the Tea Party and the start of the ethics committee.  Yet, for many, it’s an Obama and Pelosi team.

     If one were to ask a black college student, as I have done, who killed Malcolm X, they would say one of his own people.  That means, a black man committed a black-on-black crime.  “Yep A Tart” seems to ring true for the Tea Party.  It’s not about the issues of the world, it’s about race.  If American supports the Tea Party, it speaks volumes that racism still reigns supreme.  Even though President John F. Kennedy fought for the equality of all men and the betterment of the human race, he was still considered a different race.  All men were are not created equal and they never will be as long as color plays a part in life.  And, when you have two black men sparring with each other, the one who actually fires his loaded gun and hits his target is the one who wins.  Unless, the one who is holding the gun gets shot by the other side after realizing that he really doesn’t have the support he thought he had.

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