Spell “Pretty” for Me

Spell “Pretty” for Me

A Poem by TTBoy

They made a great team

 though it was his dream

He wanted to win the contest

He studied hard

 and remembered the card

The show demanded his best

Visions of sounds

 and words on mounds

Was all he could focus on

She held his hand

 as her number one fan

His fear was all gone

As he took his seat

 his heart began to beat

He saw her face and grinned

There were so many others

 so many mothers

But he only had one real friend

He thought of the good times

 when they would make rhymes

Would even laugh out loud

They would do things together

 in all kinds of weather

Boy, they were so proud

Each one took their turn

 not too careful to crash and burn

What did he see from afar

He rose to speak

 but his voice grew weak

There was his shining star

The word was simple

 although not rhyming with pimple

He did not want to lose

His action struck a chord

 but the audience grew bored

They all thought it was a ruse

“Spell PRETTY for me,”

 said Miss Betty,

“This will be the last word of the night”

“If you are wrong,

 we’ll have to say, “So long”

So, we do hope you get it right

“Can you say it in a sentence for me?”

 a little reverse psychology

caused the announcer to ask, “Why?”

“Because PRETTY to you is


But for me it’s M-O-M-M-Y


© 2010 TTBoy


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