A Girl’s Life

Girl playing with paper dolls.
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A Girl’s Life

A Poem by TTBoy

Little girl, today

will make your tomorrow

Always remember

and never forget your sorrow

Time has a way

of making you stay away

from things that hurt you again

Don’t try and look back at it

Ahead will be a new friend

It may not be the same as before

nothing ever is exact

Stop trying to fight a war

Please open up

stay on track

Living life isn’t for everyone

but you got more than a lot

Make sure you have your day

 in the sun

Life is what you make it

 go on and give it all you’ve got

Be a young woman who owns

 the world

not a girl of it

When trials start to unfurl

 you will prevail by keeping

your wit

Life is like a Love Song

 because there is a rise and fall

No matter how you change

 the words

the feeling comes back

 just like birds

Don’t give up on living

 life isn’t always about giving

Give yourself  your own ring

 be the song that you want others

  to sing


© 2010 TTBoy

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