Taxes and lies, no jobs on the rise! Let’s open our eyes!

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Why is it the people of the United States of America really think that a politician, because of his or her television commercials, can create jobs; that is, make jobs appear out of thin air?  Just because a politician says that he or she can cut government spending, cut taxes, bring jobs back, doesn’t necessarily mean that they can do it.  I mean, when you look at New York State, there is one great big problem that most employers have that have forced them to move out of the state:  TAXES.

     Why are the taxes in New York State so high when the state, apparently, cries and screams broke all the time.  With layoffs and even outsourcing on the inevitable rise, what exactly does raising taxes do when there isn’t any visible benefit to doing it?  Yes, the rent in New York State is high, but then again, so is hope.  In a state that has bonded during times of great peril, New York should be the most flourishing place in the world.  With most of the world’s wealthy taking up residence in New York State, let alone New York City, taxes continue to rise as rent prices increase, and layoffs – and job discontinuation skyrocket.  Where is all the money going? 

     President Barack Obama wants to put more money into roads and highways, believing this would create jobs for the American people.  But just how many jobs would this bring – and for how long?  There seems to be an even bigger problem in the United States that is being overlooked.  As companies continue to outsource work internationally, a country like India is getting stronger and more powerful.  It is probably true, computer technology jobs are very much in demand.  But wouldn’t the rise of a company like WiPro make an American computer science major furious?  Maybe someone in the federal government can explain how an Indian-based company, like WiPro, became the United States’ number one information technology (IT) company.  Although based in India, WiPro has a headquarters in New Jersey and is fast growing in cities like Atlanta and Dallas.  As the work is contracted, the workers are allowed into the United States on working visas.  And the company grows larger each and every day.  In retrospect, how many of you remember the days when you would call your credit card company and get an American or english speaking representative?  Now, when you call a company for service, many times you will get “Peggy” who has a foreign accent.  When you ask “Peggy” where she is from or located, more than likely you will be told “India.”  You can almost guess the city.  Mumbai.  Surprisingly, if you ask them if they are from Mumbai, they will be so surprised that you guessed their city correctly.  The men are usually called, “John” or “David.”  How did this happen?  Was there a treaty that was enacted that the people of the United States was not aware of?  Who allowed this infiltration to take place?  Is there a timeline in which America will take back its own IT?  Are we not smart enough to handle our own information without handing it over to others to secure for us?

     Taking a look at how Google was able to avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes due to loopholes in the tax system, is this how WiPro became so formidable…by avoiding paying taxes?  Or, did WiPro become so strong by being able to pay back whatever resources the United States allowed it to start-up?

     Not meaning to go off track, I only meant to point out that the United States gave our jobs away for other revenue.  No one politician, no matter how wonderfully orchestrated his or her television commercial states, will get jobs back unless corporations agree to stop outsourcing and the United States outlaws the greed factor.  During some President’s term, this type of fair trade has hurt Americans.  Initially, fair trade was seen as a good thing…as it would increase worldwide relations.  Somehow, Americans are being laughed at.  We don’ even handle our own government or personal information.  That task has been outsourced for some other country to manage.  This happened long before President Barack Obama took office – and has nothing to do with this term of Democrats.  Maybe, it’s too late for anyone to care about this. 

     It’s been reported that Hispanics will outlive whites and blacks, by many years.  There is no report showing the longevity of Indians who are moving into the United States.  Has someone grouped them in with another group?  Religion can’t possibly play a factor in the results because christianity won’t be found.  Hindu and Buddhism are two main religions of the Indian people.  Not muslim.

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