Are Democrats really telling Obama to “Shove It?”

Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...
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Are we for real, or is the media really playing this thing up to have everyone against Obama?  What real advantage would it be for the Democrats to be against the Democratic President?  Absolutely nothing!  If this really is the case, do we even have a Democratic Party?  As it stands, even now, the most outrageous contenders for public support is the Republican Party and the Tea Party (who really are the Republicans – just worded differently).

     I still cannot understand why there is so much opposition to this President not succeeding in being able to help the country.  Like John F. Kennedy, President Obama is for the people.  He doesn’t have a personal agenda to master.  Apparently, that’s already been done when he implemented his “CHANGE” campaign and was victorious over two candidates who babbled and dabbled in nothingness.  But now, even as President Obama’s failed Presidential candidates continue to spread their innuendos of love for one and miserly hate for another, people like listening to untruths.  Even as President Obama parts his lips to speak, many of his own party members can’t wait to throw their hands up.  Do they really know what they’re doing?  Adults or not, not only is this childish behavior in the House and the Senate, but pre-determined hatred is so clear. 

     Should Democrats, unfoundedly, continue to not support their President, this go round only to support a future Democratic President, what would this say about our country?  Would we not clearly be able to see that Obama’s message and careful interactions throughout the country were met with only smiling faces?  If Democrats do not support this President, are any future Democrats safe from future scrutiny?  With the public opinion being that Democrats have been too soft on many or all issues pertinent to the American people, would it really have benefitted a President of color to show belligerence anywhere or at anytime?  Did people truly expect a man of Obama’s stature to show his outside color?  I think that if every Democrat running for office or re-election right now boasted that they did not cause the mess we are in now, and remained vocal about it up until and after November 2, the American people would stand up and listen – and realize that if they do not support what Obama is trying to accomplish, how could things miraculously get better anyway?  At the time President Obama lobbied for healthcare reform, it was the hottest ticket item – as unemployment did not become an issue until after six months into his taking office.  Even then, to jump ship on what he started would have been disastrous.  Should he apologize for that?  I don’t think so.  He did what he thought was right, though met with total opposition.  Can we just imagine what life would be like for Americans had George W. Bush been able to run for office a third term?  If fear is an issue for Democrats, why aren’t they out there talking to the older adults (40+ years old) about 9/11, Saddam Hussein, and ex-President Bush’s attitude toward both.  This is what bankrupt America.  Not the Democrats.  Going into a senseless war, based on incorrect data, missing data, or even manipulated data is possibly what trickled our economy downward.  And to think at least one Democrat wants Obama to shove it.  That Democrat being Frank Caprio, who is battling Lincoln Chafee in a gubernatorial race.  The reason for Obama’s endorsement of Chafee, and not Caprio, is due to Chafee’s endorsement for Obama during the 2008 campaign for the White House.  Although it would be safe and wise to say that all the Dems should stick together – but it would only be wishful thinking.  There are those Dems who do not support Obama’s policies and do make it clear even during their campaign.  So why would President Obama endorse a candidate that is against him?  To his benefit, he does tell the American people, it’s okay to give your support a Republican.  It’s a ploy that may fail but if it works, hurray!  Picking and choosing his battles carefully appears to be what Obama is trying to do.

     No, Democrats are not telling Obama to “Shove It.”  Though it would be ideal if everyone could get an endorsement by such an obvious ally in their party, not everyone does get an endorsement.  The only ones who are telling Obama to “Shove It” loudly are the members of the Tea Party and its Republican brothers and sisters.  Even as the policies of the Democrats are good ones, they seem to form one bad race that many fear becoming a master race.

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