President Obama, please arrest Tiffany Hartley for defamation of character…Your’s!

Tiffany Hartley, the woman who claimed that her husband, David, was shot in the head by Mexican Pirates when they went warned of the dangerous activity on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake to stay away, is doing her best to take the focus off of her (for her husband’s disappearance) and put it on President Obama.  As Tiffany Hartley has left Mexico and the city in Texas where she and her husband resided before the conjured statements to Mexican officials and American talk shows, she has supposedly left her husband’s body behind…maybe in an effort to no longer be questioned by Mexican authorities.  If the incident occurred in Mexico, why should President Obama be brought into this when there has been no body and no clear evidence of a tragedy?  We are still missing the results of the blood found on a life-vest that David Hartley was supposedly wearing at the time of his fatality. 

     Prior to David Hartley’s disappearance, Tiffany and David were planning to move back to Colorado, according to a high school pal.  Tiffany’s claims of Mexican Pirates shooting David in the head as they went into the Mexican waters to take pictures of an old church, were accepted, then rejected, then accepted again by Mexican authorities once a public research group, the Stratfor, came along to affirm her account of the incident.  The problem with the Stratfor is that no one had ever heard of this group until Tiffany Hartley’s claim of being harassed by Mexican Pirates.  The Stratfor apparently is an expert group on Mexican Pirates and the Mexican drug cartel.  How is that possible when no one in Mexico has come face-to-face with any member of the drug cartel or the pirates?  Especially any member of the Stratfor.  Amazingly, Tiffany Hartley fled Mexico and Texas after being questioned by Mexican authorities.  Was it ever her intention to move back to Colorado?  Probably not.  And probably not to move back to Colorado with David Hartley.  Yet, Tiffany Hartley wants to blame President Obama for his lack of border control over the Mexican waters.  The convenient truth for Tiffany Hartley is that had she not gone into the Mexican waters, after repeated warnings, she would not even be getting any of her fifteen minutes of fame.

     Just what state is Tiffany Hartley a resident of?  After fleeing Mexico and Texas, is she out of the water of being questioned about David Hartley’s disappearance now that she is in the state of Colorado?  Though she and David had no formal dwelling of their own in Colorado, Tiffany has found the time out of grieving to speak candidly to the press from her parents’ 20-acre ranch, but wants to use the media to help kep the case in the spotlight.  I guess everyone grieves for another in his or her own way, but when a spouse suffers a vicious death (right in front or on the side of you), it’s hard to believe that such passive words can be spoken like:  “I can’t even explain how my heart is just broken for him and his family.  There aren’t any words.  He was just such a nice guy and he really wanted to do what he could for us,” from the mouth of Tiffany Hartley to Good Morning America.  Maybe the crying would have ceased for her allegedly dead husband, but the words describing her love for him should sound a bit more passionate.  But, Tiffany Hartley contends that, despite no evidence of a crime being committed on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake, along with the decapitation of a federal investigator, Rolando Flores, no one is doing enough to aid her in the search of her husband, David Hartley.  President Obama’s name and authority is being used constantly in her effort to arouse action of the American government.  Will Tiffany Hartley be questioned in Colorado?  If Tiffany Hartley was innocent of any crime, why is she or has she declined to go to Mexico for questioning?  Yet, she claims that she does not fear for her life.  Thus, having Mexican officials come to the American side to question her.  Could it be that after accusing Mexicans, let alone the Mexican Pirates and members of the drug cartel, of her husband’s disappearance she would fear retaliation?  Something is not right here.  If President Obama should do anything, it should be to have Tiffany Hartley submit to a truth test – not a lie detector test, but a truth test.  This way, he will be helping the American public by putting an end to this farce.  How long after claiming death or a disappearance can one file for death benefits?  Has anyone looked into insurance claims for the Hartleys?

     Still, with the decapitation of federal investigator, Rolando Flores, we do not know why he supposedly attempted a lone search for David Hartley.  Reports have stated that Flores spoke with Tiffany Hartley prior to the beginning of his search.  If it is determined that the search for David Hartley has been a rouse all along, can Tiffany Hartley be charged with Rolando Flores’ death?  As a ploy to enrage the public to turn even further away from President Obama, Tiffany Hartley continues to use him as a scapegoat for her own misfortune.  Again, there is no evidence of a crime being committed either in Texas or in Mexico.  What could the United States possibly do with nothing? 

     With so many to blame for Tiffany and David Hartley’s error, when will the truth ever come out?  No longer do we hear from the anonymous eye-witness who claimed to have seen Tiffany Hartley race back to land on her jet ski.  No longer do we hear the Stratfor trying to support a case without valid evidence.  We do continue to hear the soft tales from a woman who insists on conjuring up an authority figure to look aimlessly for something that is not there.  Tiffany Hartley, please stop summoning the President of the United States.

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