What You Did

What You Did

A Poem by TTBoy

When all we had

was each other

I was there

Through sickness and

in health

life abandoned me

And your laughter

sought refuge in another

so-called coward who could


would not look me in my face

as my wheelchair buckled on

the carpet that I helped

lay down

And I pitied you

Thinking I was down and out

the charity that you supported

grew strong

and the capital it amassed

formed a money sign

and lost the handicapped sticker

that you placed on my forehead

Until you needed it

and the laughter turned

and I was able to walk away from

the beautiful hyenas

instead of rolling over the carpet

that I now fixed for appearances sake

because it is still mine

but you are no longer welcomed to

 walk over it

But you will be beautiful prey

 for those hyenas


© 2010 TTBoy


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