Becoming Whole

Becoming Whole

A Poem by TTBoy

Looking in the mirror

what I see looks back at me

and could either smile or cry

or scream in anger or terror

But I just want to let things happen

and be able to bask in that numbness

that I love so much

There is comfort in my mirror

whether I stand naked

dare I compare my assets to any mortal

extreme they are which makes my laughter

easier to protrude

Yet fully garbed

I blend with the rest of the heathen and forlorned

as well as I do until challenged

and this is when I most love myself

Willing and able to make a difference

at a moment’s notice

while able to do it without being noticed

And the love I am able to render

is the love that I will accept on my

own terms

All memories of my past self

and its creators

I thank them for the gift they gave

to me

No matter how delicious or bitter

aids me in my journey of becoming whole

Every day Forgiveness welcomes me with joy

in the mirror

and my genuine smile says, “Hello”

right back

in the numbness I love so well


© 2010 TTBoy


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