Tiffany’s at it again…Tiffany Hartley, that is!

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Okay, after all else fails and the Mexican authorities won’t help her, the U.S. knows it’s none of their business, and even the Mexican Pirates and members of the drug cartel are asking, “Who is this woman?,” Tiffany Hartley decides she’s going to try to get positive attention in her direction.  She wants to be a crusader to stop violence along the Mexican border and the U.S.  How noble!  But does that mean she is out of the water with her husband‘s disappearance?

      As you all may know, Tiffany Hartley and her husband, David Hartley, went riding their jet skis on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake after repeated warnings to stay away.  As mounds of evidence pile up, Tiffany Hartley has yet to be held in suspicion of her husband’s disappearance.  After at least one failed attempt, Mexican authorities were unable to find the allegedly slain body of David Hartley.  Even after there was a report of a found life-vest with blood on it, the results of the blood test have yet to be released to the public.  The blood apparently splattered on the life-vest David Hartley was wearing after, according to Tiffany Hartley, he was shot in the head by the Mexican Pirates as they tried to flee their gun fire.  In a 911 call, Tiffany Hartley exclaimed that she tried to pull her husband onto her jet ski but to no avail.  Did the gun fire cease once David Hartley was hit?  Why not shoot Tiffany Hartley as well?  With David Hartley’s body floating in the lake, his life-vest now off his body, what then happened to the jet ski?  Did it sink into the lake?

     Tiffany Hartley has been adamant that President Obama does something to help her bring her husband home.  What would he be helping do?  If the Mexican authorities are afraid to go into their own waters, especially after a federal investigator who spoke directly to Tiffany Hartley before heading off on a lone search for her husband – only to be decapitated with his head delivered in a suitcase to Mexican officials, why would the U.S. even consider a search.  It has been reported that 50 deaths have occurred in Mexican since the reign of terror by the Mexican Pirates or drug cartel.  That report does not include deaths that occurred on the Mexican waters.  According to Mexican officials, there have been no deaths associated with the Mexican waters.  However, as a convenient untruth, Tiffany Hartley has reported that her husband was shot in the head by Mexican Pirates as she and her husband tried to flee them as their ship pulled up alongside them on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake. 

     As tears continue to fall by members of David Hartley’s family, Tiffany Hartley remains, visually, heartless.  Her demeanor does not represent that of a woman or wife who has suffered a devastating loss.  In fact, whenever Tiffany Hartley speaks of her husband, she never refers to him as her husband, but as “he” or “him” and how “he would have wanted…” or “he was such a nice guy…”  Is this true passion delivered on-screen by someone who saw her husband shot in the head?  Then again, how did Tiffany actually see David Hartley get shot in the head?  Was she on her jet ski behind David or was she on the side of him?  Either way, how did she survive a Pirate attack?  When suspicion began to arise in Mexican authorities, they asked to question Tiffany.  Tiffany would have to be questioned on the U.S. side.  Afterwards, Tiffany hurriedly fled Texas for Colorado.  She said that she was not living in fear of her life.  But why would she leave Texas and Mexico right after being questioned?  Now, in Colorado…maybe she can be questioned by the U.S. for David Hartley’s disappearance.  One could see why she would take an aggressive stand to become a crusader to stop the violence along the borders while she is in Colorado.

8 thoughts on “Tiffany’s at it again…Tiffany Hartley, that is!

  1. I am so glad you see what I’m seeing regarding ms. Tiffy. Every time she gives an interview my jaw drops at the ridiculous things that come out of it. The girl is an idiot, and she’s going to offend a lot of people with her ignorant statements about border security.
    oh, and poor David the afterthought. Where is he? She hasn’t even mentioned him lately.

    1. Either way, it doesn’t look good for Tiffany. If David is alive, and the two of them were in cahoots together – shame on them. Then again, if he isn’t alive, what really happened to him? Strange how she suddenly up and ran to the one place she didn’t want to move back to, Colorado.

  2. I do not believe Tiffany’s story, and I believe that all of her crusading is simply a smoke screen to distract everyone. I read an article earlier and she was referred to as “The Widow Of Pirate Lake.” Mark my word, that will be the title of her movie and book which we all know is coming. The article recounted her life from high school when she met David up to the present. It was basically a snynopsis of what to expect on the silver screen. Maybe I am wrong about her but things do not “feel” right.

  3. Look at all this hoopla over this case and we still don’t have one shred of evidence that proves any part of Tiffany’s story is true. I don’t believe her at all.

    We don’t know if David was shot in the head because we have no body.

    We don’t know if Tiffany killed David because there’s no body, and no proof he’s dead.

    We don’t know if Pirates killed David because there’s no proof he was ever on the lake, no body and no proof he’s even dead.

    I believe this whole thing is a hoax and David is alive. I can’t help but wonder what the authorities are doing and thinking.

  4. The authorities want so desperately to believe this woman – almost in an effort to start a race war with Mexico. All the evidence, or lack thereof, shows that she is at least partly guilty for his disappearance. I don’t think he is really dead. When the investigator died, I think it was because he got too close.

  5. I agree. There are some trying to turn this into a political issue, although it’s not.

    I wonder if David’s family really believe he’s dead. If so, why aren’t they crying out for justice even if Tiffany isn’t?

  6. Wasn’t it proven, or almost proven, that the Democrats had a fake homeless man pose as a candidate who was running for office? Maybe I’m wrong, and I’m sorry. But, when the time is right – those will say that they “are all cried out.” It all seems so staged with poor actors. This shouldn’t be a political issue, but you did notice that Tiffany has all of a sudden stopped calling out to President Obama for help? All before, this special interest group supported Tiffany. Foul ball! Now, in a last ditch effort, a congressman – one day before Election Day, comes on the scene with his support. Fishy.

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