A failed Fact Check by ABC News? Are they working for the Republicans?

A Vestas Wind Turbine
Image via Wikipedia

In a supposed Fact Check done by ABC News, the question asked was whether or not billions of dollars went to China to create jobs.  Just because China was successful at creating its wind turbine, so much attention is being turned in their direction for reasons of stimulus monies.

What it cost China to create their three wind turbines only amounted to pennies considering the stimulus dollars they received.  But what’s the big deal with China?  There is another country we should be more concerned with other than China and their wind turbines.  Let’s look at India and the amount of jobs they were allowed to create, thus being able to set-up offices here in the U.S..

China’s success with their wind turbines are not as significant to the United States as India is with their occupying positions that hold our security information.  With a company like WiPro, India has become the leader in IT (Information Technology) for the United States.  As an Indian-based company, WiPro now has a U.S. headquarters in New Jersey and will soon be setting up offices throughout the U.S.  Already a major influence, WiPro is vastly becoming a force in Atlanta, Georgia.  Why is there such a big deal about stimulus money alloted for wind energy?  The main focus should be towards jobs, period.  Where are the jobs that were in the U.S. eight years ago?  It doesn’t seem to be all about tax breaks because if that were the case, many of the jobs that were once here would still be here.

How can Republicans say that they have not allowed loopholes for Chinese jobs – but have simply signed a pledge promising not to raise taxes?  Well, it’s easy to say it, but another thing to adhere to it.  Is this true of all Republicans?  Did they just not agree to the loopholes during Obama’s term in office?  China should not be the main focus for voters on November 2.  The big focus is a more longterm problem with jobs as a whole.  What should spook voters is the fact that a country like India will continue to grow and take jobs from Americans in the Information Technology industry.  Our own information is at risk.

With jobs being the main issue for voters and healthcare used as a scapegoat, who is forcing employers to not hire?  Is there or is there not an incentive for employers to hire from the out-of-work pool?  Or, are companies continuing to outsource jobs to foreign countries because of the tax loopholes and benefits granted to them by the U.S.?  Who’s really to blame for that?

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