And introducing The Black Widow of Pirate Lake…Tiffany Hartley!

Cover of "Black Widow"
Cover of Black Widow

What really happened to David Hartley, the alleged victim of a gunshot to the head by Mexican Pirates?  Will the world ever really know?  Will someone question Tiffany Hartley about “his” disappearance?  Is someone planning a book and movie deal already as conveniently was the decapitation of Rolando Flores done?  Everything about the Hartley case seems to be the making of a Hollywood novel.

After repeated warnings, husband and wife couple David and Tiffany Hartley went onto the Mexican side of Falcon Lake, on their jet skis, to take pictures of an old church.  While in the Mexican water, Tiffany and David Hartley were approached by a band of Mexican Pirates who then began shooting at them.  While fleeing, David was shot in the head by the Mexican Pirates.  Tiffany was able to go free even  after attempting to pull David onto her jet ski – noticing that he was shot in the head.  What’s so bothersome about this is the distance David and Tiffany were from each other.  It appears obvious that David was in front of Tiffany, in order for her to see that he had been shot in the head.  How, then, was Tiffany not hit by the Pirates’ gunfire?  And, in an effort to eliminate any and all witnesses, why did the gunfire cease as Tiffany stopped her jet ski to try and pull the broad-bodied David up onto her light-weighted jet ski?  Tiffany seemed to have two supporters of her case who have now nearly vanished – though some would probably claim that it is all due to possible fear of retaliation by the Mexican Pirates or drug cartel.  Hollywood?  a special research group, the Stratfor, was created to be experts on the Mexican Pirates and drug cartel.  Conveniently, the leader of the group backed up Tiffany’s story.  With the claim that the Hartleys could have been mistaken for drug smugglers or spies just doesn’t mesh.  On jet skis?  Does anyone else see how ridiculous this case is? 

What exactly were the thoughts or concerns of Mexican officials when the head of federal investigator, Rolando Flores, was delivered to them in a suitcase?  Could this act have been prevented had Mexican officials not jumped to conclusions to aid a faulty-storied American by announcing two Mexican drug cartel suspects for the Hartley crime?  Again, how conveniently done.  Cold and calculating, Tiffany Hartley had to have Mexican officials come to her to be questioned.  If there was the least bit of innocence in Tiffany Hartley, shouldn’t she have gone to the Mexican side to be questioned?  Yet, no one finds her actions as suspicious.  From the beginning, Tiffany Hartley has failed to react as a grieving wife in any way.  On television, there are no tears shed – and what’s worse, there is no mentioning that David was or is her husband.  Where is the compassion in her voice?  Please, nobody say, “Who are you to judge her?”  Why not?  People know what compassion is and Tiffany Hartley shows none of it.  Should we not judge the actors in this stage play?

Why would a spouse take a bullet for the other, if, in fact the other was not being sought by someone else? 

Has the stage been set for a book deal and a movie to be dictated by Tiffany Hartley?  Looking back at Theresa Russell‘s character in, “The Black Widow,” Catharine Petersen is tracked down by a federal investigator after many deaths of the men she married.  Not that it is known that Tiffany Hartley has been married more than once, but her life seems to be mirroring that of Theresa Russell’s character.  Now, to take the attention away from herself and the murder, I mean death of David Hartley, Tiffany is now crusading to stop the violence on the Mexican border.  Though that is not Tiffany’s job, she is trying to create one for herself.  Even if she has to try and take President Obama down with her, she is compelled to not have the stigma of her allegedly dead husband on her hands.  Remember, we still have yet to receive the results of the blood found on the life-vest the Mexican officials found.  It was stated that the life-vest belonged to David Hartley.

As a high school friend of the Hartleys first stated to the news reporters, the Hartleys were planning to move back to Colorado before David Hartley was allegedly slain.  Now that Tiffany Hartley is back in Colorado, a place where she most likely did not want to return to, she is staying with her parents.  How was life for Tiffany Hartley before she and David went down to Texas and Mexico?  Although there is minimal jet skiing in Colorado, Tiffany can still ski there.   

With most of the characters of the original “Black Widow” accounted for in this Hartley tale, there is only one spot left open, Debra Winger’s character, investigator Alexandra Barnes.  I would like to see a female investigator come along and question Tiffany Hartley and find her guilty of her past.  What would make this even more fascinating of a story is for David Hartley to rise from the dead like a zombie…like in “The Serpent and the Rainbow.”

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