The Prayer He Said

The Prayer He Said

A Poem by TTBoy

Across the bubbling brook

he envisioned a clouded sword

rising shining with the blessings

from above as if ascending

after being released

But then would not it take flight

only to glide across the tears of His joy

to bestow upon him the honor

of at least standing in its magnificence

and seeing His reflection in its beauty?

For no sooner after he uttered the

Prayer of Jabez

did the brook part revealing all that

he had imagined below and above

Fearing not was his mind’s intention

to go there

The warmth and sting ray effect awakened

senses found at lost’s sullen belief

Yet not spent

With a miraculous proportion

he opened wide his arms and felt

the waters close and lift him back to

his starting point

Now standing

The brook still bubbled

squirrels drew closer feeding with the birds

while the fish played like dolphins

A lonely walking stick fell alongside the bench

as the unleashed German Shepherd used it to

bury quickly

And before he could speak

he realized how alive he was

and the pep in his step returned

and he could see the stars in the sky

over the sunlight

© 2010 TTBoy

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