Tiffany Hartley and Dr. Phil…together! The convenient untruth lives on!

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On the Dr. Phil Show today, Dr. Phil clearly showed his trust in Tiffany Hartley in her non-involvement in the alleged death of her husband, David Hartley.  I want to thank the Dr. Phil Show for reviewing my blog.  It appeared that all the questions asked of Tiffany Hartley were orchestrated and provided to her before being questioned by Dr. Phil.  Still, with a congressman, Republican Ted Poe, of Texas being questioned via satellite, everything seemed to be fabricated to support Tiffany Hartley.

When listening to the 911 call that Tiffany Hartley placed, one can hear how leading the 911 Operator was with regards to the Hartley incident.  Tiffany’s voice did not sound like she was terrified, but very composed.  You could not even hear sniffling from the other end of the phone.  With the soon after support from the public research group, the Stratfor, Congressman Poe clearly has taken their quick to judgment assessment of the Hartley case.   Dr. Phil is not the interviewer needed to question Tiffany Hartley.  Not only is he only trying to add his support for this woman, the congressman is also trying to make this a political case.  Again, the Republicans taking the reign as President Obama has not responded to Tiffany Hartley’s outright demand that he helps find her husband.  No one knows where David Hartley is except David Hartley, the anonymous eye-witness, and Tiffany Hartley.  To refuse to take a life-detector test, and to then say that, “…well, it was an option,” is really an admission of guilt.  To go back a moment, when Tiffany supposedly pulled David out of the water – to try to pull him up on her jet ski – didn’t she get his blood on her body?  But, I bet she claimed she went home and washed it off.

Tiffany Hartley would take no questions from the audience.  Oh, and I am so glad that Dr. Phil did not put his foot in his mouth by talking about Tiffany’s plea to President Obama.  Like I said earlier, all the questions asked of Tiffany Hartley were given to her prior to Dr. Phil’s mock interview.  Amazingly, Tiffany Hartley still cannot cry on camera.  I would be body language experts watching the show could not have enough to go on to watch her.  Why?  Because the show made it impossible to see full-body movement from Tiffany.  She was always turned to the side and never really facing the camera.  Even Dr. Phil cannot be completely sold on this person’s story.  When he asked her if she had been warned of the activity on Falcon Lake, he actually accepted that bogus response.  The world knows that her response was not truthful because we can go back and check ABC News reports that talked of the Mexican Pirates and the drug cartel – and it was even days or weeks before Tiffany concocted her story. 

Did Tiffany Hartley contact the Dr. Phil show – or did Dr. Phil contact Tiffany Hartley?  She wanted to get her message out to people, but when the camera panned to the audience, there were nothing but smirks on their faces.  If polled immediately after the weak interview, would the audience members support Tiffany Hartley’s story?  Doubtfully!  With the question of the lie-detector test still being fresh, why did Tiffany Hartley really flee Texas for Colorado?  Did she give Mexican officials enough to go on to stop their questioning? 

Once Tiffany Hartley had relocated to the place she probably never wanted to return to, she then begins this crusade of wanting to stop the violence on the Mexican border.  You’ve got to be kidding me!  Was the decapitation of Rolando Flores, a federal investigator for Mexico, a part of the Hartley investigation?  But, Mexican officials have stated that Rolando Flores had been in talks with Tiffany Hartley about her husband’s disappearance.  Could it be that he found something?  Did his death really have anything to do with the drug cartel?  Probably not.  Everything related to this case sounds strange.  So, now that Tiffany is in Colorado, can she be questioned by officials there?  Is there an insurance policy in place for David Hartley? 

I really think this was a case that Dr. Phil should not have taken on.  He clearly missed the point on questioning – as there was an alleged accident or killing…one hasn’t been proven.  As hard as he is on married couples whose marriages have ended, like a death, why couldn’t he ask more solid questions to Tiffany Hartley?  Because he didn’t want to.  It’s his show and he will support who he wants to support.  I hope the world saw right through that talk.  It would have proved valid had Dr. Phil allowed at least one skeptic on the show.  Instead, he allowed a Republican congressman to endorse a different candidate…just as there is all this speculation that women in congress are getting a bad rap.  How convenient!

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