Woman, Wife, Lover, and Friend

Woman, Wife, Lover, and Friend

A Poem by TTBoy

It’s you that I want

to catch a glimpse of you

and a whiff of you make me

want to taste whatever I could

before closing my eyes and hoping that

you will be there always for me

Revelling in that diviness of you

no matter how trying our days together

make me want to feel that you could

adore me the way that my tunnel vision

sets in my path to you

It’s you that I want

for to need you would be to diminish you

and I love you too much for that

By your side is where I will be

and behind you only to catch you

if you fall

Though should we fall together

together we shall rise again

I won’t ask you to be there for me

lo, if you will have me, then

I know you will

© 2010 TTBoy

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