The Solid Rock

The Solid Rock

A Poem by TTBoy

What happened to you?

Were you beaten?

Did you harm yourself?

The pose you are taking on that small mountain

let’s me know that there is no fear

in you

Is it over?

Can you move on?

I’m afraid for you to look at me

for your eyes may reveal what I am

not ready for

But your profiled eye

 is as dark and sullen as the basin you

have perched yourself above

Standoffish am I

though the swaddling sheet wrapped

around you

must not serve as much protection

though the air which should be crisp

breathes and releases lavender and vanilla

Dare I approach you

to ask if you are in need

when it is I in need of your strength

 Your courage

The urge I have to even feel your garb

 enrages me to be close to something so


so peaceful

And I want so desperately to see your face

Yea, the steep is so great to reach you

as it would be of me improper to shout

to you from below

As I make my ascent to you,

I notice a difference in your stance

Now, no fear felt from you

I am encouraged

For looking back and down that now

mountain I just climbed, I see that your

hand is extended to me


Still unable to see your eyes

I am above you around you

Watching you now help the many



that I did not know

were behind me


© 2010 TTBoy


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