Cold, yet calculated. President Obama, You Go, Boy!

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So, after it has all been said and done, President Obama said today, “We Got a Shellacking!”  But did he, really?

There’s no doubt that President Obama is a very suave and debonaire man, let alone President.  But there has to be a method to his madness.  Of course, President Obama had to have heard all the expanded rumors about how if the Republicans were to win the House, his approval rating would go up, etc.  So, is he ready to show the world just how wrong the media was?  You bet your butt he is!  Besides, the role of the President is “Commander-in-Chief.”  It only means that he steers the wheel while his staff is used as his support.  Where exactly was his support when he tried implementing policies?  Did the Republicans not fight him at every turn?  Did his own party members not jump ship, early on, even as he had just taken office?  I wonder what those who took the low road are now doing?  Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the Emmy-award winning chief medical correspondent for Health, is still with CNN.  Have you seen any of his exposes? …quite stunning from his turned-down position as Surgeon General of the United States.

While the people of the United States feel that they have been let down by President Obama’s “CHANGE” theme of 2008, never did they keep in mind that the President can only do what he is allowed to do.  He can go in and offer changes and plans, but if the enthusiasm and support is not there by those others elected to commit to the American people, then change will fall by the wayside.  Did the American people really believe that jobs would be created overnight?  If they did, shame on them.  Were they not aware that their jobs were already outsourced, without their knowledge, starting in the year 2000?  Of course not.  Otherwise, would most Americans gone out there and purchased houses, cars, boats, and other failed investments?  Probably, because of greed and the belief that the gravy train would never end.  And, now that it has ended, all the degrees and other accolades that accommodate them don’t mean a thing. 

So, since the American people think that Obama has let them down on his own, now it’s time for the boisterous Republicans to show that they do want to better America – and not just go against the President, simply for the heck of it.  Now that the Republicans control the House, maybe they will allow the allocated funds for employers to accept new hires.  Maybe, just maybe, the outsourcing of American jobs will end.  Doubtfully.  Okay, then let’s stop foreclosures.  Yeah, right!  Without a job, what’s the point in allowing someone to keep their house…a house that they probably had no real knowledge of what homeownership entails?  ARM vs. Fixed, do you know the difference?  I’d bet most of those who were foreclosed on didn’t know the difference.  Many blacks were probably just thrilled to be told that they had been pre-approved for a loan – and that they could move into their new home, immediately.  How wonderful!  Then, after they move in and buy the new cars, the new video games, the latest in modern appliances, their credit was ruined by the time they went to refinance before that ARM rate increased.  I wonder what the bank’s response was before they came and took over the property?  Yet, this isn’t Obama’s problem.  His problem was giving more money to the banks so that they could really start the foreclosure proceedings.  He couldn’t have known that this type of behavior was originally started by the Bush Administration.  Could he?  If he did, he never boasted about his predecessor’s mistakes, until a month or so before elections 2010.  Had he harped on America’s previous misfortunes, would the new Speaker of the House had been seen crying on election night?

Always so poised, President Obama still commands attention at a time when he is expected to show the “ghetto” in him.  Does America not understand or get that they did not elect that kind of person who became their President?  Does America not know that they did not choose a man who came to the podium with the baggage of either his own or his father’s?  At this point, how can the President lose?  He’s got the world by the balls and is now in a better place to have them put up or shut up.  Not believing that negatively added masses can afford to be silent, they need to have crumpets with their tea…along with a little cream and sugar.

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