A Poem by TTBoy

I caught a glimpse of Emily today

She was going so fast, I had very little to say

But soon we were side by side

And I asked her if she was enjoying her ride

She told me she had waited long enough

And that he had to catch her whenever he could

I went to speak but it came out rough

I asked her to tell me who and she said she would

She said her friend Mourir was too slow

And asked if I would join her or was headed for the same place

I told her that I knew not where to go

As she smiled at me when I looked her in the face

She was the prettiest she had ever been

I told her  she reminded me of my past due friend

My destination she was curious of again

As I saw her eyebrow bend

The sun was about to set.

Over my shoulder, there were two cyclists behind

Two I had not yet met

Two whose cycles were all but kind

Emily looked at me

I asked if she had any fear

She told me no as far as she could see

And, from her eye I saw a tear

Soon they were on the side of us

One for me and one for her

Looking straight ahead I felt a touch

The softest one could ever be

Because of the near darkness

I could barely tell if there was a face

Just streaks of hair

No nose no eyes

I glanced over again at Emily

And she was not there

Emily and her date

Went like the light

While I and mine just kept riding

Straight through the night


© 2010 TTBoy


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