Would somebody please make Tiffany Hartley sit down?

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Why is Tiffany Hartley still talking about trying to help the United States protect the Mexican border?  Is she still doing nothing to bring her husband, David, home?

As the old story goes, Tiffany Hartley and David Hartley went on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake to take pictures of an old church.  After repeated warnings, the two still, supposedly, headed out to the church – but were met by Mexican Pirates who then started shooting at them.  David was hit, according to Tiffany, in the head.  And, by the grace of God, Tiffany’s life was spared as she tried to hoist David’s body onto her jet ski.  Leaving David’s dead body in the water, Tiffany decided to rush back to land, having only one anonymous eyewitness come forward to say that he did see her come around the bend on her jet ski.  Tiffany calls 911.  Listening to the 911 call, you can just about hear the 911 Operator lead Tiffany into giving answers about the supposed incident.  So, if we are to look at all the support Tiffany Hartley has regarding the disappearance of her husband David, we get:

  1. Police Officer pulls over a truck (that the public cannot see the occupants) belonging to the Hartleys – with expired tags, carrying two jet skis.  Three hours later, Tiffany Hartley rides her jet ski back to land.
  2. The 911 Operator leads Tiffany to gives answers about the event
  3. Mexican officials get involved in the search for David Hartley
  4. An anonymous eyewitness gives his account of seeing Tiffany come around the bend on her jet ski
  5. A life-vest is found with blood on it (the results have still not been given to the public)
  6. Rolando Flores, a Mexican federal investigator, is decapitated – and his head sent in a suitcase to Mexican officials
  7. Mexican officials call off a search for David Hartley
  8. Tiffany Hartley is asked to come to the Mexican side for questioning.  She refuses, but Mexican officials come to her.
  9. The Stratfor, a public research interest group created to be experts on the Mexican Pirates and drug cartel, says that Tiffany and David may have been mistaken for drug runners.  (Yet, they are not of Mexican descent).
  10. Tiffany flees Texas and Mexico for Colorado (this was a place that she apparently did not want to return to, though a high school friend told reporters that Tiffany and David were planning to move back there just a couple of weeks before his disappearance).
  11. Tiffany is asked to take a lie-detector test.  She says that taking the lie-detector test “would be an option…but they never asked me…”
  12. Tiffany demands that President Obama does better about stopping the violence at the Mexican border.
  13. Tiffany becomes a crusader, herself, about helping the United States do a better job at controlling the Mexican border.
  14. Tiffany goes on the “Dr. Phil Show” and answers pre-determined questions about her time in Mexico and how she’s been treated during her ordeal.
  15. Tiffany still can show no remorse about her husband’s disappearance.  She hopes to have all focus taken off of her possible involvement in David’s alleged death by helping the Mexican government and the United States stop the violence on the Mexican waters…not helping to find her husband.  Apparently, she’s done with that.  She knows that a body will never be found – either there is no body (meaning, it has been destroyed) or David is still alive, but just hiding out somewhere in Mexico.  It did seem odd that after Rolando Flores had a discussion with Tiffany Hartley about him going out and trying to find her husband, he turns up dead.  But Tiffany is never asked about that situation.

What is it that Tiffany Hartley can really do for anyone?  Was she, at one time or another, an actress that didn’t make it, and thinks that this will give her the exposure that she needs to draw love and compassion?  Or, is she really the “Black Widow” with something monetary in it for her?  It just seems like every other day there is some new tale in the saga of Tiffany Hartley.  There is this need for her to be relevant in the eyes of America…a need to be sympathized with.  A need to have handcuffs shown to her – so that a real discussion can be had about the whereabouts of David Hartley.  Now that Tiffany is in Colorado, can Mexico still come and get her?  I mean, the United States goes to Mexico for cons all the time.  She’s claiming that the Mexican people are fleeing to the U.S. because of the violence in Mexico.  That’s funny, because if she can say this, she had to know what she and David were getting into when they went there trying to take pictures of an old church in Mexico – on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake.  Eventually, somebody is going to call her bluff.  They just have to.  So, she’d better sit down.

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