Why was the singing bird caged?

Why was the singing bird caged?

A Poem by TTBoy

Because I was not

contemplated for abortion

Did I do anything wrong?

Because I went to school

neat and well-fed along

with lunch and an understanding

with my teachers

Does that make me bad?

Because life was not all about

abuse that greeted just about

every other mother and child in

other neighborhood

Did that mean I wasn’t human?

Because I was able to see better days

outside of what is now called their


Does that mean I should feel guilty?

How did the bird get caged?

Did it think that it could take from the

inside and just fly off without getting

caught up?

It got greedy

And felt what was on the inside

was a lot better than what was on

the outside

I did not close the door on those

beautiful birds, myself

Was I not a good enough example to

stay free?

Faulting me for having resources

beyond my control

Never a door closing for me

A trap was set for others

Until the beauty of freedom came by

every day and marveled at its beauty

and sometimes told it to shut up

making so much noise

After a while

the same old song can get tiresome

But caged beauty doesn’t need a song

© 2010 TTBoy

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