I cannot teach you to see

I cannot teach you to see

A Poem by TTBoy



Feel first and thirst alike

For ever changing emotions

run like waters in and out

of a natural pond

which holds living creatures

that multiply there

Setting their sights on benefitting


welcoming capture for thrill

for nourishment

Yet, not even a second of time

flashes for you to miss without

discovering how little you choose

to see

To taste conjures a new perception

of will

A palate not prejudiced by hues

of blues, browns, greens

but hunger to build a frame for a craft

taken for granted by so many fools of

lust and vanity

As this can be learned

I cannot teach you to see

Even if you are born again,

an old soul still has new eyes

Only memories covered can be


Eyes are like windows

Though the wider the pane

the broader the spectrum

© 2010 TTBoy

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