India? Creator of U.S. jobs? Really?

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Okay, I’m confused.  How is it that India is the creator of U.S. jobs?  And why can’t the U.S. maintain its own Information Technology?

Right around 2008, an Indian company, Wipro Technologies, made its transition into the United States.  Wipro’s main purpose, after settling in Atlanta, Georgia – as opposed to Bangalore, India (the world’s headquarters for outsourcing), was to offer companies an alternative to sending their technology work to India or other countries.   As of August 2009, Wipro had about 210 employees and were vastly growing.  When American companies outsourced much of its IT work to India, the capital gained by Wipro allowed them to bring India to the U.S., namely Atlanta.  But as Wipro opened in America, the perception was that American jobs would be created.  Not before they cared for their own, first. 

Helping to get the Atlanta-based Wipro off and running, the Indian company needed to fill as many to most of its vacancies with Indian employees.  These employees were college students from not only India, but from other parts of the country.  Here in the U.S. on work visas, many of Wipro’s new hires opted to stay in the United States – and even went back to retrieve their families or sent for them to come to the states.  With Wipro employing now hundreds to thousands, it would be nice to know the percentage of Americans, native Americans, who work for Wipro.  Sure, there are the few mid-level technicians to salesmen for Wipro who really think that they are valued by the company only to not feel very much satisfaction or appreciation while there.  This practice and feeling more than likely extends into the UK, as well.

Again, when it is said that India is the creator of U.S. jobs, I have to wonder, How?  As the United States and other countries have given their Information Technology to another foreign country – is it not safe to ask why they couldn’t keep up its own information?  As so many college students are graduating and have graduated, are there many jobs in the computer industry that are not monopolized or even owned by foreigners?  Some time ago, I was able to call a 24 hour customer service number and speak to someone about my credit card.  Now, I get “Peggy” in Mumbai.  Then again, I may just get a recording telling me that I need to call back during normal business hours.  I wonder which would be better to do…as if I had a choice, but, most of the time “Peggy” can’t understand me…and I am told to call back during the day, anyway.  It seems our U.S. companies sacrificed our true customer service for the sake of a higher bonus check for themselves. 

Does President Obama really believe that India is creating jobs for the U.S.?  Or, is he just saving face because this was some mess he inherited and can’t get out of?  Now that many Indian-heritaged people are in the United States, that would mean that there are companies here in the U.S. that are bringing over many of the people.  About two years ago, there was at least one company who advertised themselves as employment agents to find jobs for people in different countries.  These companies would often ask for finders fees and would supply work visa, housing, insurance, transportation, etc. once in the United States.  It’s just that, these people would have to sign a contract with this company swearing that they would not accept any other employment with another company for the length of their work visa in the states.  For a person without a job, this would seem ideal.  But, once in the United States, many found themselves in deplorable situations such as:  communal living (sometimes up to six or seven people to one two bedroom apartment, taking the bus or subway (as opposed to their own vehicle), and having to pay for their own insurance (out of their check).  Sure, these people could make money if they allowed themselves to live according to the company they worked for.  Some would say that their move to the U.S. would still be better than the conditions they were subjected to in their homeland.  Whoever the agencies were who offered these fantastic deals would charge the U.S. companies sometimes outrageous fees for their services.  More than likely, the credentials of the people brought to the United States are never verified – then leaving the company they work for questioning the reliability of the agency.  Then, if that employee is terminated from their job here, the only other option they have is to be sent back to their hometown or disappear by doing work under the table to stay in the United States. 

I will never understand how India is creating jobs for the U.S.  With there being so many tax loopholes and benefits for companies outsourcing jobs, especially in this economy, how is India sounding refreshing to anybody?  Granted, we are seeing an influx of Indians here in America.  We are especially seeing many of the Indian culture who are not favorable of the President.  Remember Dr. Sanjay Gupta?  Fareed Zakaria, from CNN?  I can’t understand why Bill Maher called him the smartest man on the political forum. 

I don’t know what the President hopes to gain from his India trip that hasn’t already been achieved.  Do you think he’s offering them more free rein on American territory?  What do I know…

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