The Republicans and the Jobs Report


Well, Election Day is over and just as many thought, the fighting really is just beginning!  We thought that just because the negative television ads could no longer be shown or seen, that the bashing of certain titled people would come to an end.  Do the People really know what they’ve done?

It’s odd that just two days after the elections, there is a report showing that 151,000 jobs were created in the third quarter.  Why wasn’t that information divulged before the elections?  Since jobs was the main topic for the demise of the Democrats, would this have changed people’s perception of even the President had this information been made available?  Probably so.  Then again, there were so many other things that made the President a sitting duck.  Just the fact that he was in the President’s chair was enough for even moderates to scoff.  It seemed the President was doomed from the start.

In two weeks, the Republicans will take over the House.  There is already talk that President Obama’s healthcare reform bill will be ripped apart by the Republicans.  And for what reason?  Everyone keeps talking about how much money it will cost to fund this plan.  But it has also been proven that the plan would work for everyone.  Is it because people don’t really understand the plan or is it just that they don’t want to understand the plan?  Are they in disagreement with the President’s plan because it’s of the President himself?  Definitely!  For something that would aid or benefit everyone, why wouldn’t everyone want it?  I wish that those individuals who fought against the healthcare plan when they had jobs would be asked about their healthcare options now that they don’t have jobs.  You’d better believe that discussions would be had with tears and more fears.  What’s funny is I know of at least a few people who were against the healthcare bill from the start.  Just when 151,000 jobs were created, these same individuals lost their jobs.  Everything was glorious for them then.  But now, there is this plan called COBRA that a separated employee has the option to buy into – but it is at an escalated price.  Now remember, all was fine and dandy while they had jobs.  The problem now is that they feel they are paying too much for their insurance – because unemployment won’t help them with the bulk of their bills.

What happened in this past election was a lot like going to the grocery store when hungry.  The anger took precedence over truth.  There was no time to cool down and select those truly best-suited to the needs of the People.  If we really look at what happened after the promoting of the extreme negativism towards the Democrats, mutiny reared its ugly head.  It’s clear as to why this happened.  There’s no disputing that a complete mass of people can be brainwashed simultaneously to do something that they don’t know they’ll regret later.  The outcome of the voting pretty much showed that California’s air invaded the rest of the world.  And there were still those who said pot does nothing to them.  Yeah, right.

So, now it’s time for the Republicans to put up or shut up.  As they wouldn’t work with the President when the Democrats were in charge of the House, now they are demanding they listen to them because they are in charge of the House.  I’m so surprised the world couldn’t see through this.  Some saw the Tea Party for what they really were.  Some fools jumped ship and went to the Republican side because they felt that something good would magically happen for them overnight.  Well, People, whatever happens in Congress really isn’t done to help you in the first place.  Benefits have to be made internationally first before our own relations at home can flourish.  And, guess what…it’s going to take a little more time for things to bounce back for everyone.  The next time you think about jobs, think India.  It’s the next big thing!

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