Dream Me

A Poem by TTBoy

Dream me into being

and then keep me


For to be your

recurring dream

would be better than

meaning nothing at all

We can do whatever

Go wherever

And no one would have

to know unless you choose

to betray our love

Dream me into being

And let me be there

for you

However you want me to

There is so much I want

to share with you that no

conscious person can

My mind can take you places

that don’t really exist

For you could use a moment

outside of solitary confinement

When you see the yellow

then the orange

the red then the blue light

just hold out your hand

I am standing in the doorway

of the white light

Where everything is so clear

so warm

So patient and free

Dream me into being

so we can be

© 2010 TTBoy

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