What the Boogey Man didn’t know

What the Boogey Man didn’t know

A Poem by TTBoy

What did he do to deserve

a punishment designed for an

absent adult?

Left alone with an equivalent to

a pedophile

the boogey man did enough damage

one time to last a lifetime

And everyone fears the boogey man

until movement in the dark

becomes child’s play

knives and guns are laughed at

and toyed with so that the

mind becomes clear as to which

appartus to use as his punishment

School prepares the abused with wit

and enough cunning to teach of its

own charity

Grooming himself as a politician so

that his constiuents would someday

lobby for him

And in time

the boogey man strikes again

unaware that he is about to be


© 2010 TTBoy

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