That Thing You Do

That Thing You Do

A Poem by TTBoy

I’d love to take you to Heaven

but should we get detoured

to Hell,

at least we’d be together

Disrobed or even not

the impression of your body on


forces me to want to see the

headboard knocking against the wall

or to witness the firery thoughts exuding

from my brain

And the grind you do

can be all but kind

as the same action would be taken

if I were on top

Oh, and when your tongue quits

screwing my mouth I can moan or scream

and loudly dream that the moment will never


Seeing you

Hearing you

Feeling you holler holding onto the bedposts

as if you are being whipped my master

Damn Master for thinking you’ve learned your lesson

because there is so much more

I want and need to learn from you

Then as your sceptor meets my recepticle again

Again solid fulfillment fills me

like kneeding fully wet dough

constricting the boa as if life is being made

yet taken

on the way to Heaven

and if you were to go down

below afterwards

I would take you to Hell with me

© 2010 TTBoy

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