Is the Indian persuasion too good to be true?

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Okay, are we off to a bad start?  President Obama has gone over to India, dancing the nights away with them and trying to assure Americans that India is offering up jobs to them.  Oh, really?  It was my understanding that all of America’s jobs were going over to India.  Just look at our Information Technology.  India is not only in charge of the United States‘s security information, they also manage the United Kingdom’s information.  Is there a little more to the President’s visit to India than just securing jobs for Americans, or is he securing something for himself?  Hold that thought.

On, Thursday’s, November 11, show of The Apprentice, Anand (apparently of Indian heritage) was caught by Donald Trump, the leader of the show, cheating.  Donald Trump called everyone into the boardroom and announced that he had been informed  that someone had asked people for money.  He specifically pointed out Anand.  Anand denied the act in the face of Donald Trump.  Only after Donald reads the text message that Anand sent does Anand then admit to texting and that he crossed the line.  Donald then fires Anand.  The problem I have with this is had Donald Trump not read the text message, would Anand continue to deny the fact that he had crossed the line?  Apparently so.  And, he did it with such a straight face too!  But, does Anand’s stupidity become a red flag for potential employers or does his popularity increase because he was on television?  No matter how you look at it, somebody will take on the liar and the cheater and blame his actions on something other than what he is.  Somebody will even say that Anand did what he did because he was trying to help his team.  Even after he did what he was not supposed to do, Anand definitely made a lasting impression not only on his team members, but on Donald Trump.  Would you employ someone like that?  Now, aren’t Indians prided on their hard work and diligent work ethic?

A friend of mine knows someone who is in the medical field.  It was said that her friend was befriended by an Indian woman when they started in the Master’s Nursing Program in Upstate New York.  It was told that recently, her friend took a paper into the writing lab to be reviewed for corrections only to be told that her paper could not be looked at because the same paper had been reviewed before hers.  My friend said that her friend was so heartbroken to find out why her paper could not be reviewed.  After explaining herself, it was revealed and confirmed that the young woman had emailed her papers to an Indian girl (who had befriended her) so that the Indian girl could get a clearer view of the APA format that was used in the class.  Now, again, it was confirmed that my friend’s friend did do the paper first.  It’s just that the Indian woman added one paragraph to the other woman’s paper and passed it off as her own.  But, get this…the Indian girl is a member of the Honor Society for medical students in Upstate New York.  My friend’s friend was told not to say anything about the issue and that the woman’s instructor would be advised of the issue and the young woman herself would be spoken to.  Now, anybody would think that because the Indian girl plagiarized the other girl’s paper, she would be expelled and most definitely thrown off the Honor Society.  Well, after the Indian girl attended an Honor Society induction the following evening, one of the four instructors in the class revealed, in the classroom, that it had been brought to their attention that papers were being exchanged in the class.  The intention of the writing lab was to have the Indian woman submit the same paper to her instructor before she was approached with plagiarism.  But who even told the instructors in the class of the plagiarism issue in the first place?  My friend’s friend was told not to say anything about what had happened – only to find herself slapped in the face and stressed out, moreorless being accused of plagiarism herself initially.

By there being four instructors in one class, it would be very easy for the same paper to be turned in and reaching at least two instructors.  Because the instructors do not converse with one another, or at least that is the thought of the writing lab, this may have been going on since the start of the Masters program (2009).  Going back to the Indian woman being a member of the Honor Society for medical students, my friend’s friend seemed to struggle on every paper she turned in.  Even after receiving corrections from the writing lab, her papers were still not where they should be, according to at least one instructor in the class.  But, the Indian woman could have been submitting the same paper – receiving high honor marks.  Something’s not right here!  Just how many people in the medical field are there illegally or fraudulently?  If people are stealing other people’s work, how are they then qualified to care for the sick, especially when they aren’t putting the work in to learn what’s in the medical field?  Also, in that same class of my friend’s friend, it was discovered that there was cheating going on during the tests.  Wow, not only is there plagiarism, but disparity in treatment as well.  Are Indians perceived as being smarter than Americans?  I mean, Americans who were born in the United States – not those Americans who became citizens through work visas, etc.

With two such incidents taking place, minus world-wide acclaim, should we be careful who we actually praise without a background check?  Those we think are smart have only received that title because they either bought it or skated through with being questioned thoroughly.  So, does the President know what’s really going on in India?  I honestly don’t think it’s to gain jobs for the United States when we have given them all of our jobs as it is.  However, the more Indians to enter the United States by election time, the better the odds for re-election.  To some, we may be off to a bad start.

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