Just Us

Just Us

A Poem by TTBoy

Hold my hand and


with me

Before you dance with me

Let’s move like we still

got it

With your head on

my shoulder

I can still feel

you smile

Swaying to the music

Let’s stay like this awhile

If slow turns to fast

I wanna still make

it last

But you can slow down

if you want to

It’s not about the time

But I’ll keep that in line

Dancing like we want to

Just me and you

It’s just us

in the world

I’m your boy

And you’re my girl

Holding each other close

Like it’s supposed to be

The rhythm we feel

custom made for all to see

We walk in love

Through the rain

and sunshine

With our sights not

just on what’s above

You will always know

what’s on my mind

© 2010 TTBoy

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