Murder, was how she wrote it

Murder, was how she wrote it

A Poem by TTBoy

The review was mad

and it made her mad

and those who bought the story

kit and kaboodle were mad

because the media raised suspicions

of a mad writer

who really wasn’t mad at all

except for the mere word choice

of a mad society of investors who built

the house of publication so that her father

would see just how mad she was and

revolk all priviledges to her trust fund

until her mad boyfriend stopped sleeping with her

mother who was mad that her father was

caught sleeping with her boyfriend’s sister and

murdered them all with arsenic when they entered

the M.A.D. abode separately and acted as if they didn’t

know each other sitting right across the reviewer who would

write the review until she walked out of the home after she

revealed that she was actually the muse for her novel


© 2010 TTBoy


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