The Benefit of Mockery

The Benefit of Mockery

A Poem by TTBoy


Jumble my mind like you

do all the time

Knowing that I will lose sight

of your mockery toward me

The shadows you hide behind that

persecute my inner child again

affect the man that I thought I

could be with you beside me

I gave you my credit which I

thought was blemished only now

to witness that in time

all my debt has been paid

in full

Thank You

As I wave a farewell and toss my

head back

I will blow a sigh of relief your way

Unscrambling what was once raveled

in my show of unwavering love for you

Having to pretend to not see

for so long

hoping to be proved wrong

Wrong was I for doing such a cruel

and unjust thing to myself

Wrong was I for living a lie

I wish you well

I wish you find the love

 you so deserve

© 2010 TTBoy

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