Dancing With The Stars and Reality TV gone bad for good!

Dancing with the Stars (card game)
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It’s really sad that the true talent doesn’t really matter on any reality TV show.  With America at the reins, it’s sheer terror.  I think they should rename Reality TV to Popular TV.  You win America!

Just think, the lowest one on the meter board every single week, is now the one who comes out blazing like a pistol.  Yes, I’m talking about Bristol the Pistol.  After the premier of their family’s “Alaska” on TLC opening to 4.96 million viewers, I guess people appeared to really be more interested in the “teen activist” who has yet to shed her baby fat.  It’s clear that Sarah Palin is running the show on TLC and on DWTS.  Whether her daughter warrants great scores or not, most definitely not, just the fact that Sarah Palin is always present is enough to make any and all Tea Party members watch the show.  And, yes, with the longer outfits garnered to make it seem that Bristol is actually moving her feet, Bruno, Len, and um…Carrie Ann are even showing their amazement.  So, Bristol Palin wins Dancing With The Stars and Sarah Palin announces her run for President in 2012.  And one other thing, with everybody usually losing weight while dancing their butts off on the show, why hasn’t Bristol lost any weight?  Are the cameras not showing us something about her eating habits?  Is it that difficult to lose the “baby weight?”

Just think about what happened last week.  Who would have ever imagined Brandy, who was on the top of the leader board, would be in the bottom two?  And Bristol wasn’t?  Amazing!  Now, before anyone goes ballistic and asks the question:  So are you a judge?  For anyone posting a number up on my television screen and having me call in or text my vote for who I thought was the better dancer, you bet your ass I’m a judge.  Bristol does  need to be there?  Remember little David Archuleta from American Idol?  Does anyone remember how his stage dad was always present – and the amount of havoc he wreaked on the show?  Well, guess what.  Sarah Palin may be doing the same thing, just a little more subtly.  There’s a lot behind those Sally Jesse Raphael glasses she wears, believe you me!  Can you even imagine the wrath this woman could inflict if Bristol didn’t win after she took time out of her busy Tea Party schedule to make it to those performances?  Hell hath no fury…

It makes no sense, now or any time, to discuss scores.  Bristol is at the bottom.  Jennifer and Derek are at the top and Kyle and Lacey (who really deserve to be there) are in second place.  We all know that it’s going to be Kyle and Brandy in the bottom two, for obvious reasons.  That’s really a shame.  The only surprise there’ll be on Tuesday Night will be if Bristol is actually sent packing with her BP-come-lately performance.  Otherwise, maybe even the wheelchair bound can bop to the near theatrics of Annie Lennox and Enrique Iglesias.  I tell ya, it’ll really be a good finale with Kyle, Brandy, and Jennifer!  If only America can keep it real!

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