Syracuse Suds Factory is not just for Beer

Syracuse's Inner Harbor - New York
Image by dougtone via Flickr

I had the pleasure of entering Syracuse Suds Factory on November 10.  Although it was quite chilly on the outside, the inside was hot!

When I arrived, I felt like I was at Cheers.  There were so many old friends there until high school was brought back to life.  On top of all that, there was this fabulous band playing.  I later learned that Michael Houston and his brother, Jeffrey Houston, were the band’s leaders.  I don’t know if the sound quality was checked before agreeing to perform at such a venue, but Michael (the lead singer) had a voice that should be put to vinyl.  The guy could really sing anything.  And, he did!  Although the venue was small, the sound was phenomenal – in key, in tone…everybody knew their part and did it very well.  If anyone skipped a beat, Michael made up for it with his sweltering voice that had all eyes on him.  I definitely play to return to this place.

My guest and I noticed that wings had to be the speciality item for a Wednesday Night.  We were not disappointed.  The wings, which we got HOT, were actually HOT!  And, get this, they were fully cooked!  Our waitress was the best she could be for the amount of patrons in the pub.  The best thing about her other than her wonderful demeanor was that she knew exactly how much time to give before she returned to take our order.  I believe she would have been the same way had the place been packed.  Then again, maybe there would have been more than one waitress.  I even thanked her for making food suggestions as well as drink selections.  Sure, the pub was loud, as it should have been.  But, the singer really made up for the noise.  Syracuse Suds Factory should have more bands like Michael’s and Jeffrey’s band.  As Syracuse Suds Factory is located in Armory Square, the band that played on Wednesday, November 10 could actually grace the floor of any restaurant or other watering hole in the Square. 

Syracuse Suds Factory has a pretty good menu.  There were quite a few beer choices as well as main dishes and appetizers.  But the wings were excellent and the honey ale beer hit the spot with my guest.

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