The Writer’s Block

The Writer’s Block

A Poem by TTBoy

She included him inside her walls

Though color-less as they were

together they made a colorful pair

Indignant yet diligent challenging each other

to remain as devastated as their inability

for conception

Her inclusion into his domain

shattered his expectation of her

intelligence reigning supreme

No cohesion with lost hope

written on the walls of despair

their misguidance of love and fear

splattered all four sides and ceilings

with only what they knew best

Their painting style rivalled the stars

as he dipped and dipped

and applied the necessary coats that

well-defined her boundaries

and his

Pants and groans

moans became chants

and graced the pages

that set the stages unplugged

by indecision and frustration


 when words could not be laid

on the plain platform

they created inspiration


© 2010 TTBoy


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