Bristol “Uses Her Pistol” Palin needs Teen Advocacy! Please Help Her, Now!

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Where do I begin?  Tonight is Tuesday and I just learned from TMZ that after the premier showing of the Palins “Alaska,” a young man by the name, Tre, who went to school with the Palin kids – wrote a status update about Sarah Palin‘s show.  The Palin kids thought the comment was so demeaning that both Palin girls, Willow and Bristol, started a ruckus.  Willow called the young man gay and a “f**got.”  Oh please, she called him a faggot.  According to TMZ, Willow’s exact words were, “Haha your so gay.  I have no idea who you are, But what I’ve seen pictures of, your disgusting …My sister had a kid and is still hot.”  Another comment by Willow read, “Tre stfu.  Your such a f**got.”  Then, the Pistol got involved writing a message to Tre saying, “You’re running your mouth just to talk sh*t.”  With another person accompanying Tre, Jon, Bristol commented, “You’ll be as successful as my baby daddy, And actually I do work my ass off.  I’ve been a single mom for the last two years.”  Then after so many others appeared to want to gang up on the Palins, Willow responded, “Sorry that you guy aren’t goin to go anywhere with y our lives.”  It’s amazing how these people are celebrities.  Since the show just aired two days ago, how convenient was it of la TMZ to air the Palin girls comments on Facebook after the controversial voting for the finalists.  With so many misspelled words between them, the song Annie Lennox sang on tonight’s show of “Dancing With The Stars,” “Universal Child,” was quite appropriate…particularly for the Palin child.  I think I now know why Bristol is wearing longer outfits on the show.  She must know that people are questioning her weight gain.

But, as TMZ has released this information, does this information hurt Bristol’s chances of remaining a “teen advocate?”  Probably not…considering she didn’t actually have the baby in the snow-laiden hills of Alaska or reinforce Willow’s gay comments on the show.  Who knows?  Maybe TLC will allow the Palins to speak more freely on the show, since they will soon be called TV royalty.

Oh, and when I tried voting for Brandy and Maks, I got an error message stating:  “Dancing with the Stars:  Voting is not open in your time zone!  Check or watch Dancing with the Stars on ABC for more information on when voting is open.”  I tried voting within the time frame.

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