First Rangel, now Brandy! What’s and Who’s next America, the President?

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Guilty on 11 out of 13 ethics violations.  That’s exactly what members of the House ethics committee on Tuesday resulted in for Democratic Representative Charles Rangel.  According to ABC News, Rangel was convicted for improperly fundraising for a community center in his own name, failing to disclose more than a half million dollars in assets on financial disclosure forms, and failing to disclose financial arrangements for a villa at the Punta Cana Yacht Club in the Dominican.

Chalk up another victory for the Tea Party.  Bristol “the Pistol” is still in the running for Dancing With The Stars Champion.  And all this is probably because it was safer to go after the most competitive of the four contenders on the show.  Kyle, the show-man, really doesn’t stand a chance at being in the top 2.  Brandy needed to leave this week – as it was just a little more obvious of her demise tonight on the show.  But, I must say, as Brandy stood on the stage tonight – her look pretty much showed that she already knew she was leaving.  Almost like the way American Idol contestants know who’s going home. 

Now I’m sure all coverage of ethics violations have not been completed.  There are yet many current as well as fallen Democrats who will be investigated by the ethics committee.  Yet, only the Democrats are being sought for violations.  And, when the committee has gone through all the Democrats they deem eligible for charges, they will then attempt to achieve a higher level of grandeur – the President.  Buzz is already sputtering that the President tried or even bought support for his healthcare reform bill.  Is that enough to go after the President?  According to the Tea Party, it is.  Republicans and Tea Party members will try anything to get this President out of office.  As if the tea dump in the Boston Harbor wasn’t enough to taint the waters, the occupant in Commander-in-Chief seat surely does.  Should any impeachment trials begin for President Obama, say “Hello” to the Boston Tea Party Movement all over again.  As President Obama campaigned for CHANGE, that is exactly what’s coming.  And it’s about to hit a lot harder than it has.  There is a method to all of this madness.  The Tea Party is with the Republicans and the Democrats are all alone.  Brandy was probably the lone Democrat on Dancing With The Stars.

As long as there is injustice in the world, long live ethics committees and Reality TV.  The victorious one all depends on who’s got the stronghold on the votes.  No the leaderboard.  Because of popularity, Sarah Palin could easily come in an become the minority house leader – and then quickly change her mind, going back to her former status – and stay there.  I’m sure it could be done.  It may even be set in action very soon.

I was not very happy to see the true talent go home tonight.  Just like in Congress, Dancing With The Stars is making way for a younger group.  Even as America’s Darling, Jennifer Grey, may make it to the top 2, to be upstaged by her lesser will be devastating.  Oh sure, everyone says, “It’s been such an honor just being here with such great people…!”  Give me a break!  The whole idea behind competing is to win.  It’s not just about being on stage, on camera.  You want all the perks that come with the victory.  Kyle’s continued run on the show keeps Lacey in a job.  Although she may be a salaried employee.  Either way, as Kyle and Jennifer continue to look great and lose weight, Bristol remains the fattest cat on the scene.  It may even be water weight from all that tea.

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