Did Brandy’s past make a difference to the voters on DWTS?

Full Moon (Brandy Norwood album)
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Just curious, did voters not vote for Brandy because of the story she told about people calling her a murderer?  For those who don’t know the story, Brandy was accused of causing an accident on the California Highway (405) on December 30, 2006.  Though she was later found not guilty of causing the accident, many have blamed her anyway.  And, apparently, America did too!  America didn’t even take into account the multitude of heartaches Brandy endured from the deaths of her co-stars on her show, Moesha.

Would it really have made a difference whether Brandy talked about the ill-fated incident or not?  Nobody’s personal story was more threatening than that of Brandy’s.  Yes, sure, Jennifer has a screw in her neck due to an accident.  But Jennifer’s story was not that life threatening, unless she put herself in harm’s way.  Kyle Massey, no threat.  Bristol, the only threat there would be grizzly momma bear flexing her muscle for her baby’s votes.  Brandy was branded a killer in the eyes of the American public.  And, the more threatening of the two contestants of color had to go.  We all knew Bristol wasn’t going home.  Just admit it!

At this point, if Bristol doesn’t win, there is sure to be a conspiracy theory behind her demise.  But, if she does win, then the Tea Party supports her and her sister’s homophobic remarks and possible feelings.  Get ready, the muscle is truly about to be shown next week on the most controversial show of all time, Dancing With The Stars!  I don’t think there will ever be a show that can compete with this show’s outright disregard for talent.  Then again, no one is talking about American Idol anymore anyway.  After the crowning of Bristol and Mark, it would be nice if the two of them announces their love for each other.  Unless, of course, Mark finds out that Bristol and her sister did say all those homophobic things on Facebook.  I think Mark is a really good dancer.  A dancer is what he is!  And he loves Bristol!  Didn’t they know their microphones were on?  Yes, they did!  Looks like Baby Grizzly got game of her own!

So, no.  It wouldn’t have made any difference if Brandy told her tale or not.  The stronger of the competition against the Tea Party had to go.  On Monday and Tuesday Nights, respectively, Bristol will be seen wearing white.  Both long dresses or gowns to hide her thighs.  On the crowning night though, best believe, Bristol will still be wearing white – but in a mini-skirt.  Wouldn’t it be something if they asked Brandy to perform a farewell dance with BP?  Could Brandy refuse?  Would she refuse?  To really save face, how could she refuse?  However, paying homage to Brandy was a man in Wisconsin who shot his television set when he found out Bristol Palin was still on Dancing With The Stars.  So, I guess not everybody was or is for Bristol.

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