Is Tiffany Hartley trying to file a lawsuit against Mexico?

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What is Tiffany Hartley up to these days?  Our last mention of her told of her crusading to have the Mexican borders better protected by the United States.  Just how is that working for her?

Tiffany Hartley still has yet to be charged in the alleged murder of her husband, David Hartley.  The Hartleys was the couple who, despite repeated warnings of dangers of entering the Mexican side of Falcon Lake, went to take pictures of an old church there.  Although Mexican officials had to come to Tiffany for questioning, it still has yet to be determined whether or not her full cooperation was received in locating her husband.  Soon after the questioning, Tiffany Hartley fled to Colorado, the place she and David talked about returning to, according to a high school classmate that knew them very well.  Maybe, had there been extreme support for Tiffany Hartley, instead of constant speculation of her involvement in David’s disappearance, Tiffany would still be a citizen of Texas and Mexico.  Then, feeling that she was out of the woods, Tiffany blames President Obama for his lack of interest in helping her bring her husband home.  The problem with this is that no one can find a body – and Mexico has yet to release the information regarding the blood found on the life-vest supposedly belonging to David Hartley.  Even with the public research group, the Stratfor, trying to weigh in in support of Tiffany Hartley, they are now silent.  The Stratfor cannot adequately explain why the drug cartel of Mexico or the Mexican Pirates would even care about Tiffany and David Hartley.  Yet, again, after repeated warnings, why did they go onto the Mexican side of Falcon Lake, if in fact, they really went there at all?

But, if Tiffany Hartley is trying to sue Mexico for the wrongful death of her husband, could they counter her suit with the death of Roland Flores, the Mexican Federal Investigator who went out in search of David Hartley?  In claiming that the Mexican drug cartel sent Mr. Flores’ decapitated head to Mexican officials in a suitcase, what if he got too close to discovering David Hartley?  Why would the Mexican drug cartel want to do harm to him?  Even if the drug cartel was tipped off as to who Rolando Flores was that still would not have him seeking the members involvement in the disappearance of David Hartley.  I think it’s time to see who that “anonymous” eye-witness was in this saga of Tiffany Hartley.  With the support she received from Dr. Phil, I’m surprised the eye-witness wasn’t on his show, in silhouette form.  Now, should Mexico file suit against Tiffany Hartley for the wrongful death of Rolando Flores?

Though there is no statute of limitations for a missing person in the United States, give or take two years or so, Mexican law may be different.  Tiffany Hartley may have consulted an attorney regarding her husband’s disappearance – stating that she knows he is dead because she saw him get shot in the head.  How she was able to see all that is still a mystery to me.  So, as long as David’s family believes Tiffany’s story, they will not pursue charges being brough against her.  But, all it takes is one person in Colorado to get the ball rolling.  Just like it only takes one brave official from Mexico to want to bring Tiffany back there for questioning.  The more quiet Tiffany is right now, and I’m sure she has been advised to do just that, the better for her.  In order to have any claim settled on David’s disappearance, Tiffany must truly show remorse.  This is something she definitely has to work on. 

In closing, as more and more innocent people are being killed in Mexico daily, it is safe to ask, again, why did Tiffany claim that she and David had to go into the Mexican waters for David to be shot?  Still, nobody saw what happened.  Maybe that was the intention the entire time.  The anonymous eye-witness is not valid.  Mexico has a better case than Tiffany does.

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