Oh, Dear Female Homo

Oh, Dear Female Homo

A Poem by TTBoy

Oh, Dear Female Homo

wherefore art thou

dancing for the giggolo?

Is it enough that you

twist and bend

for someone you only

call a friend?

What is it that you

hope to get

from a pig like that

that often throws a fit?

There can’t be any money

or love to keep you going back

By the look of her horrible shoes

who’s middle name is “Lack?”

Oh, Dear Female Homo

can you be any more a schlomo?

Why, you’re not even promiscuous

Which may explain why everyone’s

 so suspicious

Riding in cars instead of buses

As a little girl, you often scoffed

as trusses

But that is exactly what you need

to save you from all the greed

The sweet smell of Chanel

envies many

While dollar store l’eau de parfum

charms plenty

Don’t throw away

that which most couldn’t pay

Keep your back against

the wall

Stand straight and eye against the fall

You can still have petticoats,

lace and chiffon

Just be more careful who you

let put it on

No one in life is owed


Unless of course

it’s you who want to hear

the fat lady sing

Privilege is a blessing

That much is worth confessing

Be damned to be proud

when running with the wrong crowd

Come back to your senses

not thoroughly sheltered by

picket fences

It means alot when you’re fully grown

but you don’t have to be on your own

Oh, Dear Female Child

outside the love and

running wild

We want the best for you

This much is true

We pray every night

for you to be alright


© 2010 TTBoy


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