Where are all the White Girls?

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Where Are All The White Girls?

A Poem by TTBoy


There used to be a time

it wasn’t too hard to find

A girl with a flat


Now a days

it’s tough

because of surgery and stuff

Everybody’s lost their mind

They wanna all get a tan

and stand and act like a man

To hell with lace and curls

Daddy’s little girl

wanting more of the world

Boy, where are all the white girls?

White girls

in a white girl’s world

come back and stake your claim

to fame

White girls

watching it all unfurl

Don’t let ’em forget your name

White girls had

and now they’re mad

because of what happened to him

White girls used to be happy

with lives that were crappy

Now her man is named Kim

Daddy didn’t lose all his money

he had to hide some for honey

Oops!  This is all too funny

But to keep that tan

try to understand

it takes a real place that’s sunny

I miss the no hips

and sharp teeth behind

those lips

That was the best of all worlds

I miss pulling their hair

like I didn’t care

Where are all the white girls?


© 2010 TTBoy

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