Dancing With The Stars has received “White Powder” for maybe, “White Power?”

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On Monday, November 22, 2010, Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey, and Bristol Palin will compete for the coveted title of Dancing With The Stars Champion.  The final three contestants have seen nothing but calamity since the booting of one favorite, Brandy.  Yet, as Bristol Palin remains at the bottom of the leaderboard, rumor has it that she has been getting a lot of support from members of the Tea Party – Republicans.  Now, as the finals are upon us, Dancing With The Stars is getting something else.

It has been confirmed that a white powder substance has been delivered to the Dancing With The Stars Office, at CBS Studios in Los Angeles (according to ABC New.com).  After further investigation, the white powder substance turned out to be nothing more than talcum powder.  Is there a message being sent here?  Could the message be that of “White Power” for Bristol Palin to be victorious.  Or, is this a warning from someone else to not have Bristol Palin as the champion?  Either way, it’s hard to decipher.  As we know, on Wednesday, a man from Wisconsin shot out his television when he learned that Bristol Palin was still on the show.  Suffering from a bipolar disorder, the man then turned the gun on his wife.  Though no one was hurt in the incident, the SWAT Team had to take the gentleman out of his home by force and turned over to a facility for examination.  Is this the beginning to the end of Reality TV?  Has America become sick and tired of the way voting is truly done?  Is there really a need to even have judges on the stage if America’s votes are the ones that really count?  It appears that someone has allowed this thing to get out of hand merely for ratings sake – yet now, it may be that no matter how safe security tells people they are, the belief has been planted in their head that they are probably not safe.

With only one letter distinguishing a harsh reality for the show, what does that missing letter “d” represent?  It’s a good thing that ABC News.com did not hold back in reporting this the way TMZ failed to release the homophobic slurs and rants with Willow and Bristol Palin on Facebook the day after the voting finished on Dancing With The Stars.  Controversy and Ratings.  People will do whatever they have to do for a little attention.

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