Then, Eternity

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Then, Eternity

A Poem by TTBoy

I did not fall in love

for an eternity

as I have yet

to meet her

Though life stared finally

at me and warmed that

empty echoing rented room

that i now know is

my heart

Sure as there is a heaven


Let me stay here and wallow

in the creator’s wonderfully

crafted glee

for me

And should she advise me

that my end of the promise of

vow is falling her

May she give me time to

hear the error of my ways

And may her patience stay

with the man that she swore

to love

I could not bear for her to

carry away a tear of her own

as a result of my neglect

Do treat me the same, Dearest one

this mere mortal can only do

as long as the body sternly flows

Until that final day,

Be mine and stay mine

and know thine

With glorious ravenous

excrutiating love


© 2010 TTBoy


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