Water in my Head


Water in my Head

A Poem by TTBoy

She wants me here

He wants me there

just so many times

I just don’t care


Gotta do everything

Walk and Talk and

hear them sing

Hold their hands up

and remind them of their



Who am I to be

Just a backfiller but

do they see

I am really alone

helping cure their pain

but I got my own

Where can I go instead

to let out this water in my head


I’ll do all I can

open my heart and keep

reaching out my hand

But when will it all end

Will I stop being the martyr

and be a real friend


I’ve heard so much

about you

There’s only so much that I

can do

I just wish I can find a bed

 so I can get this water out

of my head


Voices become choices

maybe for the chosen few

Voices scream

and dreams scream

when the problem involves more

than two


© 2010 TTBoy


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