Oh, Tiiiffaaany! Oh, Tiiiffaaaannny Harrrrtleeeey!

An enlargeable topographic map of Mexico
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At the height of the Chilean Miners crisis, Tiffany Hartley made sure she was not upstaged.  In every way possible, Tiffany Hartley made sure the world heard of her desire to bring her dead husband’s, David, body back from Mexico.  Although Tiffany Hartley claimed to have been the only one who saw her husband get shot in the head by the Mexican Pirates or drug cartel, she wanted the United States to correct her error by looking for and retrieving his body.

With all the supposed support that Tiffany Hartley had begun to receive:  the anonymous eyewitness who saw her come around the bend back to the island on the jet ski, hurried after her husband had been shot in the head, the decapitation of Mexican federal investigator, Rolando Flores (somehow his incident was tied to Tiffany Hartley’s claim), the Stratfor – public interest group created to research the Mexican Pirates and drug cartel, Dr. Phil (who had her on his show minus the tears), and who can forget the Republican Texas Congressman, Ted Poe?  But now, for some strange reason, Tiffany Hartley seem to have fallen off the face of the planet.

With all the evidence of David Hartley‘s disappearance pointing towards Tiffany Hartley, it’s amazing how she has evaded authorities.  Tiffany was briefly questioned by Mexican authorities, but on the U.S. side.  She would not go to Mexico as she most likely would have been taken into custody.  Immediately following the questioning, Tiffany headed towards Colorado, the place where she and David were considering heading back to a couple of weeks before his disappearance.  For a moment, afterwards, Tiffany was crusading for better border patrol.  Right.  Going back a little further, take a listen to the 911 call that Tiffany Hartley placed after David’s disappearance.  You can clearly hear how the 911 Operator was leading Tiffany Hartley into giving her answers and responses.  As the Operator questioned, you could hear Tiffany say, “Uh huh,” almost after every question. 

Why and who would support the cause of Tiffany Hartley?  There still is no report on the blood found on the life-vest supposedly being that of David Hartley.  This is not like Tiffany Hartley to stay out of the spotlight.  With the body of Zahra Baker, the little girl with cancer and the prosthetic leg, and then the Ohio family (3 members found dismembered and stuffed in a tree – and 1 found bound and gagged in a home), you would think that this would be a prime opportunity for Tiffany Hartley to recapture the spotlight.  Much to the contrary.  Has Tiffany Hartley been warned to stay out of the spotlight?  Maybe so.  there hasn’t even been a camera that has caught her in the supermarket or going to the movies.  Tiffany, the world needs you!  The world needs you to make good on the claim that David Hartley was shot in the head while riding side-by-side of you while fleeing from the Mexican Pirates on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake because they wanted to go and take pictures of an old church there after repeated warnings of trouble on the Mexican side of the lake.  Can Mexican officials come to Colorado to retrieve Tiffany Hartley?  As a result of Tiffany Hartley’s claim, two alleged Mexican drug cartel members were named and later retracted by Mexican officials.

Just where is Tiffany Hartley?  With the elections now over, maybe someone can knock on her door and request her company to the police station.  Just in time for the holidays.  Maybe now that Tiffany is in Colorado, she doesn’t have to worry about having an expired tag just like she didn’t worry when in Mexico with the two jet skis conveniently placed on the back of the truck she and David drove just hours before she claimed that David was shot in the head by the Mexican Pirates.  It’s kind of contradictory…Tiffany blamed Mexicans on one hand, then on the other she attempted to fight for them.  Though she has since quieted herself…probably to take some acting classes.

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