Running Mates

Running Mates

A Poem by TTBoy

Knights of the Roundtable

were we

Carrying on so gallantly

Riding fast

Never last

Never thinking it

wouldn’t last


Secrets we shared

As if no one cared

Though hoping for

the best

Just to get some rest


No one knew the same


One on one

was the glory

Growing up

After throwing up

Aches and then pains

No raincoats

In the rains


Parting without goodbyes

Following rainbows

in the skies

Learning to keep

dry eyes

Amidst all the wondering



We all knew

each other

Better than our

own brother

Trying to keep all

in tact

Like a lover falling

on his back


The last one standing

was the one

most demanding

Having now to do it

all again

In search of that

Coffee table friend


© 2010 TTBoy


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