Dancing With The Stars – Scandal?—Not on your life! Not tonight!

G R-Dirty Dancing Stud
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As Brandy went first before she was booted off the show, so did Kyle Massey, the wonderful Disney star who has consistently brought the audience up from their seats.  If ranking means anything, the second place contender should not be going first.  The one going first should have been Bristol Palin.  Everyone knows that no one remembers the first one up.

And, again, Bristol wore a long skirt to hide her footwork flaws.  It was not a stellar performance as she performed to Orianthi’s “According To You.”  Bruno felt as if he had to give Bristol kudos.  However, as blatantly obvious Carrie Ann Inaba is with her critiques of Bristol, she always praises her when praise has not been warranted.  What really makes Bristol look talented is her partner, Mark.  Just to take the focus off of Bristol, Mark does that extra something to draw more attention to his personna than that of Bristol’s.  In the past, there really has never been the need to have Mark go all out due to his having more well-deserved celebrity as a partner.

Miss Viennese Waltz herself, Jennifer Grey, still had the cameras focus on her drama.  It’s all about the drama.  As much as I love Jennifer, enough already.  Yes, you are a fabulous dancer, but keep with the dancing.  She definitely knows how to keep the crowd on her side…especially those who remember “Dirty Dancing.”  She pulled out all stops every time she used a gimmick from the movie.  And boy, did she do it effortlessly!  She’s definitely the best looking one on the stage.  Maybe someday, she’ll replace Brooke Burke.  I’m just sayin’! 

Then, there was complete and obvious sabotage when Len Goodman gave Kyle and Lacey an “8” with Carrie Ann and Bruno delivering them a “9.”  Poor Bristol, scored a total of 25, with Len giving them a score of “9.”  And as expected, Jennifer scored perfectly.  Picking the dancing order, later for the “Instant Dances” was a fluke.  Kyle first, Jennifer second, and Bristol last (of course).  By this time, I had yet to see a picture of Sarah.

Derek’s critique of Mark pretty much proved that Mark Ballas choreographs for himself, with little regard for his partner.  It’s almost to be expected since he is the dancer.  Mark and Derek really had little to say for the “So You Think You Can Dance” dancer, Lacey.  I don’t really know why proper praise wasn’t given to Lacey just because she didn’t make her start with DWTS.

Flashback to the scuffle between Carrie Ann and Makzim.  Carrie Ann actually started the trouble – there was no need for what she did.  The mood that Carrie Ann sparked was what started the downward spiral of Brandy.  Was it a setup?

How could anyone continue to speak about “The Situation?”  What for?

Brandy looked every bit of perfection as she and Makzim did the Quick Step together in the finale show.

In the final three dance off, there was nothing special in the “Instant Cha-Cha” except for the flared out outfits Jennifer and Bristol wore.  Those types of outfits hide the flaws of anyone’s footwork.  118 110 104  Jennifer   Kyle   Bristol

Bristol smiled as if she already knew she had won the trophy.  Jennifer should have been the one wearing the red dress tonight!  I was so happy for her. 

Congratulations Kyle!  Congratulations America!  You got it right!  I do hope that the powder scare didn’t influence the producers of the show.

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