Kanye “Right and Wrong” West – We Still Love You!

Kanye West
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Okay, as often as Kanye puts his foot in his mouth, he still always comes out swinging!  Do you remember when you got the news that singing legend, Michael Jackson, had died?  What went through your mind?  I think everyone knew that there would be an outpouring of support for the Elizabeth Taylor proclaimed, “King of Pop.”  But did anyone ever think that this would have really been a Black and White issue?  I don’t think so.

The King of Pop hadn’t had very much time to rest comfortably in his grave before, at the September 13, 2009 MTV VMA, Kanye appears to upstage poor little Taylor Swift by grabbing her award – out of her hand, in support of Beyonce.

             “I’m sorry, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time…”  Even as Beyonce looked from below, she still had a field day with the calamity over her.  But just as Kanye West may have committed career suicide, he did actually boost the careers of Beyonce and Taylor Swift.  As Beyonce took the stage to accept an award (for some reason, who cares what it was for), she then asked for Taylor Swift to return so that she could give the acceptance speech that Kanye West ruined.  Beyonce received applause, Taylor Swift was catapulted into oobersphere.  In hindsight, September 13, 2009 should have been a night totally dedicated to Michael Jackson.  Let’s just say, “Shame on all three of them!” 

     As everyone had their own agenda, the world seemed to laugh and scoff at Kanye West.  To see Beyoncé gracing everyone’s cover, and Taylor Swift capturing every award known to man, did any of them pay the least bit of homage to Michael Jackson.  No!  Not either one of them!  With Beyoncé’s millions that she grabbed during all the turmoil, she barely even thanked her fans – let alone thank Mr. West for his unwavering support for her career.  Could Beyoncé had garnered such attention without Kanye?  And, young Taylor Swift, what’s a little white girl to do who has just been slammed by a King Kong of the same industry she is a darling of?  Yes, if you look at it…Kanye was King Kong that night and Taylor Swift was the Faye Wray character, Ann Darrow.  Then, it was the boos from the audience metaphored as gun shots and arrows that struck and slayed the gorilla…while the poor black, innocent villager looked on in amazement. 

Someone could have pulled this night back together.  But no one did.  As said earlier, everyone had their own agenda.  But the press would bash only one.  So, as the awards keep coming and the money and the larger than life supposed entanglements with men well beyond a girl’s nature, slamming Kong would be the intention on the next project.  Where is Carrie Underwood when you need her?  In retaliation, Kong slings back.  But who won?  Who wins?  How many times can you win an award out of pity?  How long can America carry a grudge for speaking your mind?  As the young girl is able to speak her mind on her new CD about lost loves and terrible loves, is this really a damsel in distress?  Yet, her career flourishes while others, well…they continue to do what they do amid ridicule.  Still, no mention of the King of Pop.  And in all fairness, in his death, he has outsold everyone.  Can we say, “Shame on the music industry for not bringing this fact to the forefront?”

All that glitters is definitely not gold in Tinseltown.  Still, under complete malaise by part of the media, Kanye felt that Matt Lauer shorted him by showing a video clip of the VMA moment during the Today Show interview with Kanye West.  The brouhaha ensued due to Matt and Kanye chatting about former President George Bush‘s comment that being called a “racist” by Kanye was a “lowest moment” in his Presidency.  Kanye felt exploited during that moment feeling that the video had no reason to be shown.  Again, King Kong belittling the President of the United States, at that time, and later, sweet Polly Purebread.

With freedom of speech being used rampantly, everyone can claim that they have the right to express themselves in whatever way they please.  Since there was much furor over the way President Bush handled the Katrina catastrophe, he still writes a book about his days in the Presidency.  Though after public humiliation, Taylor Swift retreats only to come out swinging and basically committing the same crime she accused another of.  So, when will the fighting stop?  When will the little suits realize that they are only the “little suits” and that their tactics aren’t as effective as the interviewed? 

There is ample love to go around for everybody.  George Bush has his faithful followers just as Taylor Swift has her committed country fans.  Then, there is Kanye West who is lauded in just about every suburb, high school, and hood as their savior.  Can we all just get along?  In lieu of the media’s influence to taint who they choose, not everyone is sold on their bias.  The media will soon realize that they are being used just as the players on the stage are being used.  It’s all about the dollars generated and with an abundant source of it, there’s room for everybody – until they really do kill their own careers.

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