The Only Way Inside

The Only Way Inside

A Poem by TTBoy

Time and time again

as she came so did he

after blistering the rubber suit

he added to her recepticle

Joy spent and emptied up to his spine

spilling into thine with the desire to germinate

Procreation of a little nation of his own

unbeknownst to his engorged ego was her

strength to battle wit for wit

sickening enough to spit each time his little

man-childs oozed blending into the color of the

sheet he made whoopie on

As he gave

She took or so he thought

Like in any sport an athletic supporter

protects to save the jewels

and to her

her snatch was her most valuable asset

He just couldn’t see it from

the only way inside was by way of her thighs

And she was her very best safety patrol

A fox remains foxy

as long as she refuses a proxy


© 2010 TTBoy


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