The Judgement of My Testament

The Judgement of My Testament

A Poem by TTBoy

Like the blood of Clam Chowder

Smeared it was on the face of my playmate for life

And the clammy marquise diamond that enveloped two fingers

Awaited cleansing from the seersuckered suited carp


From every angle the leaches popped and hopped

As if intermittingly dousted with an ’80s plague

Feeling my bones and skin separate from my person

My space displaced


Prayers committed at a time of glee

Now through trial and error will they be heard

Pills to chill the chills nearby

Visions of floaters stand at attention not so far away


Do stay as comfort

Speak as to not let me fall asleep

For what will I dream today

Will it be the mire that I often dread?


If you run away with me

I will supply the spoon


Oh, philandering pillar of malaise

Not even on another do I praise 

Playtime in air is close at hand

My desire for acceptance you do understand


Whether cure comes within a shot

One pure dose withers still does it not 

Late now is the hour

My royal bags won’t reach the tower


If you run away with me

I will supply the spoon

Uncomfortably will a belt hold up my pants

Casting a glow of my pale pale moon


So cherish the blood on my face

The imperfections mistaken for good taste

Turmoil set the stage for players long ago

And I am always the star of the show


May I walk alone down that wide hall

No thoughts will I have of my fall

Should there be a light so bright

This time I ask that it be my sight


© 2010 TTBoy


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