Hey, Santa!




Hey, Santa!

A Poem by TTBoy

Hey, Santa!

Are you going to the hood?

My Mommy told me to tell you

 that I’ve been good


I’ll meet you on the curb

 I think that’s best

Because people in the suburb

 will put you to the test


I just can’t understand

 why they’re being so mean

Now they want a boy to be a man

 since nobody has anymore green


If I could work

I would

Mommy’s only a clerk

She thought Daddy understood



Daddy wanted a different President

and Mommy thinks he’s stupid

I hear Daddy say he wants to get bent

 then Mommy acts like Cupid


I guess I am lucky

 that I don’t get beaten

I bathe with my rubber ducky

 only after I’ve eaten


Parents here beat their children

 for what they can’t do

Got others thinking kids are

making them black and blue


Can you please bring some toys

 for all girls and boys

Mommies can have some joys

Even Billy Bobs and Roys


I think we all are nice

 even if our parents don’t think so

The pressure makes them cold as ice

These days they are oh so low


If you can’t get Daddy a job

 He’s gonna get in trouble

He might go work for the mob

 I don’t want him in no rubble


I’ll trade my toy

 for everyone to have a better life

I promise I’ll be a better little boy

and never hit my wife


Please Santa,

We need help to

I’ll leave you a Fanta

if you can make my dream come true


And if you see the Mailman

don’t let him have a car wreck

I don’t wanna see the jailman

‘Cause Daddy didn’t get his check


And can you tell the people in

 the White House

to stop fighting so much

Maybe I should show them my mouse

But I won’t let them touch


I found him under my bed

 He was just staring at me

When I got a piece of bread

That’s when everybody could see


Daddy tried to kill him

He said I was retarted

When I told him his name was Tim

Blood splattered when his body was parted


I know I talk alot

At least that’s what my teacher said

Sometimes she gets so hot

she wishes I was dead


But I don’t pay her no mind

I really do like her

I see Daddy wailing on her behind

 whenever he promises her a fur


I’m tired now, Santa

I hope you’ll come this year

And I won’t forget that Fanta

or any other cheer


© 2010 TTBoy


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