The Revolution Will Be Televised

The Revolution Will Be Televised

A Poem by TTBoy

What else can be done?

Blasphemy has shattered world proportions

Collapsed are the shelters for rainy days along

with dashed attempts of enhanced gonads of

nepotism that even the media has become ashamed


Even they have realized that they wronged the right

and were wrong

Still the makeup crew has not been laid off

Cameras are being added to new areas that once

promoted newcomers

And the newcomers used to broadcast their findings

But as the theater houses reach back into yesteryear,

there is no future for them because they

look to bring back the days of glitz and glamour and

the true Rona Barretts who knew who were cold

who were really old and played with girly boys

and whose lipstick matched the dipstick before

being tossed in the ditch after leaving the pole

Always a soul for sale ready to tell a tale to

avoid jail

Wanting a paycheck for nothing

when casting a spell for a new season of change

But it was cast for seasons instead

now the leaves blow with nowhere to go

Soon with no one to pick them up and place them

So much baggage

No one wants to claim

Afraid to blame again

they must thrive on something

When the media comes knocking

home for a story

This time, it’s really the right time

© 2010 TTBoy

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