In My Mind

In my mind

A Poem by TTBoy


In my mind

I am exactly who I want to be

I am the most

that anyone and everyone craves to have

and fears to have alongside them

The love I have for myself

extends long past the desires of wannabees

long past the graveyards of has-beens

past what any shrink can jot down and share with

colleagues in the profession

for I can be touched

I hear the silent thoughts

as I stand beside the couple who is having

trouble agreeing

and I turn sideways and purposely allow her thigh

to grope me and he inhales my pheromone

and hurriedly clutches her and kisses her passionately

eyeing me out of the corner preventing her any view

of my being

and I hear him say, “Damn.”

and I hear her say, “Damn.”

My arms go out to prevent danger to them

from oncoming vessels

and they move in closer to me and they come to me

And I say, “Sorry ’bout that.”

and I feel them on each side of me

I hear their thoughts

and he asks if I am someone else

and she looks on

“Don’t worry about it,” he says

She continues and I smell her

He rubs my back as if he is the dominant

She smiles and reminds me that we live in the same building

Building him up then

to introduce himself as I accidentally fondle my left pec

and flicking my nipple ring

and she continues

and the invitation is made

and so are they

I hear their thoughts

In my mind

I am wearing nothing too revealing as there

are to be other guests

and I hear their thoughts and know that they finally agree

and although there are other guests

I feel them on each side of me

revealing their thoughts that are in my mind

and knowing that we all live in the same building


© 2010 TTBoy


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